410 GB / s in the 16 GB die: Samsung Flashbolt makes HBM2 33% faster


Samsung has made significant progress in developing high-bandwidth memory (HBM) at the HBM2E 2019 GPU technology conference. "Flashbolt" should deliver the current highest DRAM performance level and beat the predecessor HBM2 in terms of speed by 33 percent. Bandwidths of 410 gigabits per second and 16 gigabits of memory per die are now possible.

A new generation of very fast storage solutions

"For a new generation of supercomputers, graphics systems and artificial intelligence": in these areas, Samsung sees its further development of the previous HBM2 components in the best hands. According to Business Wire (via ComputerBase) Flashbolt can reach 3.2 gigabits per second of data transfer per pin, so the peak was about 33% lower.

While Samsung continues, Flashbolt has also made it possible to build 16 gigabits per die for the first time, which corresponds to a doubling compared to the previous generation. "With these improvements, a single Samsung HBM2E package can provide 410 gigabits per second of bandwidth and 16 gigabytes of storage space," the company said. For comparison: this value was 307 Gigabit / s in the previous generation.

Even if the products with this memory will take a long time to come, the announced specifications now allow an appreciation, which will be possible with the successors of professional graphics cards such as the current Nvidia Quadro GV100 with 32 GB HBM2. If four HBM2 stacks are also used here, 64 GB of memory and very high data rates up to 1.64 terabytes per second are possible.

No date is known so far

Samsung seems to have opted for HBM3 with its improved HBM2 memory for a powerful intermediate step: the new generation of high bandwidth memory does not conform to current estimates up to the year 2022. However, in its Flashbolt version, Samsung does not yet mention any timeline of availability, suggesting that the company is probably preparing solutions for mass production.

Samsung, memory, HBM2, HBM, HBM2E, Flashbolt
Samsung, memory, HBM2, HBM, HBM2E, Flashbolt



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