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The cause for the model declaration against the VW group due to the diesel scandal has now joined over 420,000 VW customers. "The huge participation surprised us," said the head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv), Klaus Müllerthat Rheinische Post, He relied on information from the Federal Office of Justice.

Müller urged the VW group to enter into transaction negotiations with the vzbv, which represents the co-actors: "If Volkswagen were intelligent enough to enter into transaction negotiations with us, the issue could be resolved quickly." Otherwise, the hearing could drag on for years. This could not be in the interest of the group. "It's free at any time VW, damaged customers on a good comparison offer decent compensation and the viewer finally puts an end," said Müller.

He referred to a ruling by the High Regional Court of Koblenz, in which a lawsuit against Volkswagen was positive: the plaintiff received 26,000 euros, which he also speaks for the prospects of success of other plaintiffs, for which Müller. "I wish Volkswagen a successful future, but for this, the company must pay for its sins of the past, which should not get stuck with consumers."

The process of finding the model against Volkswagen, which should begin on September 30 in front of the Higher Regional Court in Braunschweig, is the first of its kind: on behalf of all registered customers, the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband and the ADAC demand judicial rulings that Volkswagen intentionally deceived customers with the handling of exhaust gases,

The court comes to the conclusion that Volkswagen After that, they must sue their clients again to enforce their individual rights – after all, the judges would then be bound by the suit's guilty verdict. The model declaration action was only possible from November. The federal government launched it especially before the end of the year, because otherwise customer demands in the diesel scandal would have been banned. The Group sees no basis for claims for damages.

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