4×100m relay Su Bingtian leads the joint team to win gold

4×100m relay Su Bingtian leads the joint team to win gold

2021-09-24 22:37:00Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that on the evening of September 24, despite heavy rain, the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium was still enthusiastic due to the appearance of “Su Shen”. In the men’s 4×100m relay event of the 14th National Games, “Asian trapeze” Su Bingtian led the Chinese running team and played as the Olympic joint team, and finally won the gold medal with a time of 38.50. This is also the fourth place of “Su Shen”. Dominate the project for the second time.


The men’s 4×100-meter relay has a lot to watch. On the one hand, because this project emphasizes team speed, the external baton technology is also very important; on the other hand, the project gathers “flying people” groups. Su Bingtian of Guangdong is the 100-meter Asian record holder. Zhejiang star Xie Zhenye holds the 200-meter Asian record, Fujian’s Tang Xingqiang has just won the men’s 200-meter championship in the 14th National Games, and Hubei’s Wu Zhiqiang is equally strong. In the men’s 4×100m relay of the Tokyo Olympics that just ended, the four-man combination performed well, finishing fourth and tying the best result in history. Now they form a joint team to compete in the 14th National Games.


In the 100-meter relay final, the United team occupies the eighth track. Both the individual strength and the batting technique are better than other teams. Even if the Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong and other teams have created their best results, they still cannot prevent the United team from winning the championship. Su Bingtian sighed after the game: “I am very happy. This event is the fourth time to win the championship. The perfect ending can leave a good memory. The gold medal is a good return for the joint team’s efforts, including our two young players, although there was no final. But the gold medal also belongs to them.”


Before the start of the final, the outside world expected the United team to set a new Asian record, but the 38.50 result was not ideal. Su Bingtian said frankly: “Everyone wants to break the record, but this time everyone has a single event. It is difficult to achieve a good relay impact. In addition, the weather and rain affect the preparation process. We did not even warm up, so we finished the race in a conservative way. , Just get the championship. In fact, everyone has seen that China’s sprint has made rapid progress in recent years. Many teams in the finals ran within 39 seconds. Even if we are still far from the top international level, it means that we are on the right path. For the next National Games, I will be a good host and serve well. I hope that young athletes will continue to persevere and work hard.”

Text/Wang Ruitu, All-Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspapers/Wang Jian, All-Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspapers


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