5 and 6 models: BMW calls back 560,000 older middle-class models in the workshops


WDue to possible corrosion of a screwed connection to an electric cable in the trunk, BMW recalls around 560,000 cars of older 5 and 6 models worldwide, almost 274,000 of them in Germany.

Affected are cars from the production period between February 2002 and July 2010 with the model codes E60, E61, E63 and E64, said a spokesman for the Munich car manufacturer on Tuesday. Previously, the portal had "kfz-betrieb.de"Reported about it.

The recall was a pure precautionary measure, stressed the BMW spokesman. In a few isolated cases could threaten a Schmorschaden.

It is to be assumed that in about 60 percent of the vehicles concerned, a review sufficient and repair was not necessary. As early as 2012, BMW had brought numerous cars into the workshops because of the management problem.

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