$ 5 Boohoo beauty highlighter you've never heard of


Just like choosing a dress in the morning, I tend to wonder every day when I wake up that atmosphere I go with my makeup.

It is not a fascinating moment and usually involves me standing in front of my mirror, I still sleep awkward in my eyes and barely conscious. But the question is super important, "How much do you want me to enlighten you?"

No, it's not a typo. I'm talking about my favorite make-up object, one that can literally fix everything (even fatigue), with the delicate movement of a brush – highlighter.

This object is a must have of beauty in my eyes, it's like applying an instant filter of real life, one that illuminates my boring and boring face.

From the gleaming bricks that make a statement to the liquid drops that give the skin a bright look, I shared my must-have highlighters – and there's one you've never heard of.


Available at Sephora

Price: $ 64

This liquid illuminator is perfect for days when you are looking for a natural dew, but doubles for those days when you feel serious about your glow.

For a natural look, I like to mix a few drops with my moisturizer, giving my face a splendid shine that effortlessly captures light. You can do the same even with the foundations.

This product is created beautifully if you want even more glow. I like to merge it on my cheekbones and around my frontal bones with my fingers. Its gel formula is really light and because it is infused with coconut, it has a delicious fragrance. But the pigment is its distinctive feature, which has a metallic luster to it. Marc Jacobs has made it in two beautiful shades, Dew You, which is a lighter shade, and Tantalize which is a deeper tone.


Available to

Price: $ 120

When I feel the shimmer, this is my go-to – usually applied over a foundation or moisturizer that I've already lit with a liquid illuminator first.

There are four different products in the palette and I love them all. The illuminator is perfect for defining the features while the pop blush gives a bright pink tinge to the cheeks. There is also a bronzer and a multi-glow, which means that all your highlighter needs are seen in one place.

Like all Charlotte Tilbury products, it's expensive, but it's a handyman who can be taken on another level using a wet brush. Even the packaging is seriously beautiful with a huge mirror that is super practical. You will bang this stunner everywhere.


Available in Mecca

Price: $ 64

If you're looking for something that radiates your skin and protects you, this is the highlighter for you. The gel-based formula has protection from UV rays and pollution, which means you have the perfect excuse to rub yourself all over your face.

It also offers its comparison light in a bottle, creating huge bounces on the skin under the bright sun and even the lights of the office. I love the soft metallic luster that it gives to the skin, perfect to accentuate the cheekbones and the contour and also a large tick as it easily melts when applied directly to the skin.


Available at Woolworths and mcobeauty.com.au

Price: $ 14

If you're sick of me bumping into this brand, I'm sorry but it's so beautiful. MCo Beauty has a constant rotation in my makeup bag and I often choose it from my most expensive highlighters. Mostly I use this on days when I want a more natural look, it's so easy to use, a bit like a crayon that you only draw where you need it.

Then mix it with your fingers. He is honestly a savior when I am poor in time, exhuming my tired skin and giving my life back. Best of all, there are four nuances that mean that this vegan and cruelty brand has adapted every skin tone.


Available on boohoo.com

Price: $ 5

Hands up who knew Boohoo wore makeup? Not only that, but just like the clobber of the online store is also super cheap. But don't be fooled by the discounted price of this item, you'll love this compact illuminating bronze. The shade is super pigmented and looks really beautiful on the skin, especially when applied to the apple of the cheek.

The biggest strength for me is that it is super durable and not as bold as others. In reality, initially it goes very subtly, adding a nice shimmer to the skin. But develop the depth of the salient moment the more you add it, using it to emphasize your characteristics as well. This is perfect for everyday use.


Available at Sephora

Price: $ 54

We cannot talk about highlighters and not mention Rihanna's compact duo. The formula is a cream-colored hybrid and comes in a very wide range of tones, from the delicate glow of the day to the supercharged glitter that will make you look like a delicious disco ball.

In addition to using them traditionally on cheekbones and temples, I like to dip an eye shadow brush into mine and apply it to the inner corner of the eye. This product is so pigmented, it can be used in many ways and looks really good for the eyes.

It's easy to take it too far with Fenty's highlighter, but don't worry if that happens, just take a brush and a powder foundation and lightly tap on the area until you're happy.

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