5 Clarification of news about the statues of Suharto, Sarwo Edhie and AH Nasution at the Kostrad Headquarters Museum to be dismantled

Writer: Son of Dewangga Candra Seta | Editor: musahadah

SURYA.co.id – Here are some clarification related to the news that mentions the statue Suharto, Sarwo Edhie Wibowo and AH Nasution from Museum Dharma Bhakti Headquarters Kostrad disassembled.

Official clarification from Information Kostrad This was released to follow up on the news in a discussion entitled “TNI Vs PKI” which was held on Sunday night (26/9/2021).

During the online discussion, a short video clip showing the Museum Dharma Bhakti at Headquarters Kostrad, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Inside the museum there was a diorama depicting the atmosphere in the morning, October 1, 1965, a few hours after six Generals and a young TNI AD Officer were kidnapped by the PKI.

In this scene, Major General Suharto received a report from the Commander of the Army Para Command Regiment (RPKAD) Colonel Sarwo Edhie Wibowo.

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Meanwhile, the Minister/Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Gen AH Nasution, who survived the PKI kidnapping attempt, sat not far from Suharto and Sarwo Edhie.

Then came the statue Suharto, Sarwo Edhie, and AH Nasution which describes a critical moment (after the kidnapping of six TNI AD generals) and plans to save the country from the betrayal of the PKI, as well as the main role of the Army Commander, Pangkostrad, and the Parako Regiment which is now Kopassus.

In a discussion entitled “TNI Vs PKI”, it was stated that the three statues of military figures had disappeared and were dismantled.

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Information party Kostrad give some clarification information regarding the dismantling of the statue.

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