5 Facts about BLT UMKM IDR 1.2 Million Phase 2 Disbursed to 2.9 Million Business Actors : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA BLT UMKM or Banpres for Productive Micro Enterprises (BPUM) was distributed in the amount of Rp. 1.2 million through 2 distribution stages.

The first phase has been realized in July 2021 for 9.8 million micro business actors with a budget of Rp 11.76 trillion. Meanwhile, the second phase until September 2021 has realized Rp3.4 trillion for 2.9 million micro-enterprises.

Here are five facts about the Rp 1.2 million MSME BLT phase 2 that has been disbursed to 2.9 million micro business actors, as summarized by Okezone, in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/13/2021).

1. Allocation Fund of IDR 15.24 Trillion

It was noted that the distribution of MSME BLT in 2021 as of September had reached Rp. 15.24 trillion to 12.7 million of the target of 12.8 micro business actors.

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This means that the realization has reached 99.2%, so there are only 100 thousand micro business actors who have not received the 2021 BPUM.

“Not yet (all have been distributed), we are still finalizing it,” said Deputy for Micro Enterprises at the KemenkopUKM Eddy Satriya to Okezone, Jakarta.

2. Distribution of the 2021 MSME BLT is divided into 2 stages

Meanwhile, this realization process was obtained from 2 stages of the 2021 MSME BLT distribution.

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“BPUM was launched, since 2020 and continues in 2021, BPUM 2021 is divided into 2 stages where for the first stage 100% has been realized in July 2021 for 9.8 million micro business actors with a total budget of Rp. 11.76 trillion and for Phase 2, until September 2021, Rp3.4 trillion has been realized for 2.9 million micro-enterprises,” said Deputy for Micro Business at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Eddy Satriya, in his remarks at the 2021 BPUM monitoring in Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra.

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3. BPUM West Sumatra Province budget Rp. 338.9 billion

Then explained, for the Province of West Sumatra, Micro Business Actors who have been designated as recipients of BPUM as many as 282,487 recipients with a budget of Rp. 338.9 billion.

4. The Role of the Regional Cooperatives and SMEs Office

In relation to the achievement of this BPUM distribution, Eddy observed that the Office in charge of Cooperatives and SMEs in the regions was one of the driving factors for the success of the BPUM Program being carried out.

“Therefore, we really appreciate the active role of the Regional Office and hope that the coordination that has been carried out so far can continue,” he said.

5. Conditions for UMKM BLT Recipients

Here are some requirements for BLT UMKM recipients:

– Indonesian citizen (WNI) as evidenced by an ID card.

– Have a micro-enterprise (UMKM) as evidenced by a letter of proposal from a candidate for a BPUM recipient from the BPUM proposer along with its attachments which are an integral part.

– Have a Business Identification Number (NIB) or Business Certificate (SKU).


– Not TNI soldiers or members of the Police.

– Not a BUMN/BUMD employee.

– Not currently receiving People’s Business Credit (KUR)

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