5 Facts about Dragon Tattooed Corpses of Mutilated Victims in Solo-Sukoharjo


The mystery of the identity of the mutilated bodies found in a number of locations in Solo and Sukoharjo is still unclear. The police are continuing to work to reveal the identity of the victim whose characteristics are already known. The following are the latest facts about mutilated corpses whose body parts were found in Solo and Sukoharjo.

1. Male sex corpse

Solo Police Chief Kombes Iwan Saktiadi revealed a number of characteristics of the mutilated bodies in Solo and Sukoharjo. From the several body parts found and the results of the examination, several characteristics of the corpse were identified.

Like the dragon tattoo on his back and also the age of the victim who is more or less 40 years old.

“The gender is male, the estimated age is 40 years, there are other signs, namely a dragon tattoo on the right back and right arm,” said Solo Police Chief Kombes Iwan Saktiadi when met by media crew at the Solo Police Headquarters, Monday (22/5/2023) .

In addition, from the results of the examination, it is suspected that the corpse, which was cut into several parts, was a smoker during his lifetime.

2. Body Pieces One Series

The Solo Police Chief also said that the body parts found in several locations were part of a series. However, they could not confirm the identity of the victim.

Based on the results of the investigation that was carried out, it is suspected that the victim died a few days before being found, namely on Thursday to Friday last week.

It is known, currently most of the victim’s body has been found, including the head, body, left and right hands, and left leg.

“It is confirmed that the head and other parts are a series. Even though there are still some (body) parts missing. But the forensic team confirmed that it is a series,” he said.

3. Sharp Object Wounds on the Head

Head of Central Java Regional Police Public Relations Commissioner Iqbal Alqudusy said the victims were aged 40-45 years, with a height of 160 centimeters. Time of death was estimated 3-4 days ago.

“In the head area there were 2 open wounds in the form of violence from a sharp object at the base of the skull bone which caused severe bleeding in the head cavity,” said Iqbal when contacted by the media crew, Monday (22/5/2023).

“The mutilated body died and was drowned. The cause of death was sharp violence on the upper part of the head,” he concluded.

4. Victims Died May 18

Iqbal also said that parts of the head, body, two arms, namely the right and left and one left leg were found. From the results of the autopsy, it was found that the body was male, aged around 40-50 years.

“The estimated time of death was Thursday, May 18, 2023, approximately 40-50 hours ago (autopsy results at 08.00 WIB this morning),” said Iqbal via text message, Monday (22/5/2023).

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