5 Facts about Rachel Vennya Escaped from Quarantine Makes Minister of Health Angry


The name of the celebrity Rachel Vennya being discussed by the public, Mother. This is because this mother of two children did something inappropriate and harmed many people, namely escaping from self-quarantine.

It’s been confirmed, Mother. Together with their lover, namely Salim Nauderer, the two left quarantine at the Athlete’s House after traveling from the United States.

For more information, see the facts from the following various sources, Mother.

1. Assisted by TNI personnel

Rachel and Salim’s success in getting out of the Athletes House was in fact due to the intervention of a member of the TNI, Mother. Regarding this matter, now the Kodam Jaya is conducting an investigation to find out what happened

“Currently, the Jaya Regional Military Command is in the process of investigating the news that Rachel Vennya’s Selegram escaped from quarantine at the Wisma Atlet Pademangan Hospital. The investigations were carried out starting from upstream to downstream,” said Head of Pendam Jaya Colonel Herwin BS, quoted from InsertLive on Thursday (14/10/2021).

From the results of the examination of the Jaya Regional Military Command as the COVID-19 Kogasgabpad, it was found that there was involvement of an individual from the TNI with the initials FS.

“During the investigation of the case, it was found that there were allegations of non-procedural actions by unscrupulous members of the Soetta Airport Security (TNI) initials on behalf of FS, who had arranged for the Rachel Vennya program to avoid quarantine procedures that must be passed after traveling from abroad,” continued Herwin. .

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2. Minister of Health is furious

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Budi Gunadi Sadikin mentioned the violation of quarantine rules, Mother. The Minister of Health said that the health quarantine was carried out for the benefit of the community as well.

“If he violates that, he is giving a risk to the public. Don’t do it,” said the Minister of Health, quoted from detik.com.

“Very very selfish,” continued the Minister of Health.

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