Health 5 familiar things that quietly undermine our immunity. Reedus

5 familiar things that quietly undermine our immunity. Reedus

Immunity is a complex defense system of the body that helps us fight infections, toxins and malignant cells. Many factors influence immunity: some contribute to its strengthening, while others, on the contrary, weaken it.

We have compiled a list of what negatively affects the immune system and leads to disruptions in its functioning.

Passive lifestyle

Lack of physical activity and sedentary work adversely affect immunity. According to a study by scientists at Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA), people who have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have respiratory illnesses than those who regularly engage in sports. Do not forget about exercise, especially if most of the time you spend in a sitting position.


Lack of sleep

If you do not get enough sleep, the immune system works less efficiently than it could. To maintain your immunity and maintain health, you need to sleep an average of 7-8 hours, and after strong physical (sometimes psychological) stress – 9-10 hours.

Uncontrolled intake of antibiotics

Many people start drinking antibiotics for almost any reason. Their uncontrolled intake can lead to the fact that bacteria will develop resistance to drugs and you will only get sick more often, and recover more slowly. Do not be treated with antibiotics if this is not necessary, and clearly follow the rules for taking drugs if prescribed by a doctor.


Too hard training

Excess hormone cortisol, which appears when a person trains too hard and often, without a high-quality recovery after physical exertion, depletes the body and leads to a strong weakening of the immune system. Do not play sports too fanatically, otherwise all its benefits will come to naught.

Constant stress

One study of the effects of chronic stress on human immunity has shown that it weakens the body’s ability to fight inflammation, increases the risk of upper respiratory tract infections, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, and also leads to slower healing of wounds.



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