5 gadgets to help you keep track of your finances

Arnoldas Lukošius, expert of Tele2 Innovation Bureau explains that consistent monitoring of expenditure and revenue is the first and one of the most important steps in improving financial literacy and saving. According to the expert, smart gadgets allow everyone to easily track spending habits and be responsible for their finances.

Black Friday is considered to be the beginning of a Christmas shopping and gift shopping boom, with almost all outlets announcing the biggest sales and special offers. This year, promotions at most outlets are running for more than a single day, almost all week.

financemanagement apps will help you keep track of your spending, budget, and even savings.

1. “Donate” – One of the most popular and widely used apps for tracking personal finances. Using the application is very simple – once you create your “wallet”, you need to record your income and expenses on a daily basis.

Each amount of money spent or received has certain meanings, such as ‘transport’, ‘food’, ‘salary’ or ‘bonus’. The gadget has convenient tools for viewing statistics – in various graphs and chartsYou can track which category you spend the most on. Spendee lets you attach photos to a specific journal in your journal for even more accurate tracking of your purchases.

The gadget has a free version, but you will need to purchase a paid version to run multiple budgets at once, connect the gadget to a bank, or sync data between multiple devices.

2. „Monefy: Money Tracker” – It is very easy to manage your finances with this app, as there will be no need to break it down by category. Just enter the amount spent each time you make a purchase and add it. This way you can easily keep track of your money and even save.

Gadget developers believe that this is one of the best programs for saving, because by comparing the received income and expenses, you can plan your finances carefully. The application also allows you to enter several different currencies, link different devices, and choose a form of reporting – chart or list.

3. „Goodbudget Budget Planner” – The application is distinguished by the fact that it is perfect for saving, managing and monitoring finances for couples or families, as two users are allowed to fill in the same account.

A paid version of the app is required to connect more users. This app is for the more advanced user who is already into financial planning and is determined to save purposefully.

Here you can manually add invoices, cash amounts and debts and allocate money to expense categories. This financial management program is based on a savings system, where all future expenses are placed in virtual “envelopes” for different purposes. Data for each cost category is presented visually, and all statistics are presented in graphs and charts.

4. „Splitwise“ – A tool for those who often have to share expenses with friends or relatives.

You can send invitations to your contacts via email. by mail or SMS inviting them to join the financial group.

These groups are very useful when you need to solve financial issues quickly and easily among colleagues, friends or family.

All members of the group can enter common costs in the gadget, categorize them, and determine which members of the group will contribute to those costs. The gadget shows who owes and to whom, and you can add comments to the expense, as well as photograph checks.

The app even has an alert feature that allows you to be reminded by when the group has to pay for any services.

5. „Wally” – It is probably the most popular financial management app among young users. The app impresses with attractive and colorful graphics and ease of use. This budget tracking program lets you set your preferred budget and manage your daily spending categories, allowing you to monitor whether you’re exceeding your budget at any time.

Wally has an integrated cost tracking program that syncs with financial accounts and provides detailed information about your spending habits.

It is also proposed to handle common expenses here, such as sharing housing taxes with a roommate. You can create groups of family and friends and budget together, track, and sync to reach common goals.

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