5 Health Problems Often Experienced by Women and Need Serious Handling

ISU BOGOR – As a woman, you must feel a lot of hormonal changes that sometimes cause pain, such as pain menstruation, breast swelling and others.

Usually pain that is not excessive is considered normal, but it could be that the pain needs further treatment from an expert.

Gynecologist and gynecologist senior at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, India named dr. Vaishali Joshi stated that there are five signs that women should pay attention to to get treatment from a gynecologist.

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The five signs are as follows:

1. It hurts when menstruation

Dysmenorrhea is a term for pain menstruation What’s worse, if this pain makes a woman unable to do anything, she must immediately consult a doctor.

Clinical examination with pelvic sonography is required before definitive treatment is offered.

2. Vaginal discomfort and pain


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