5 ideas to lower cholesterol easily

the bad cholesterol, also called LDL, is a source of anxiety for people who have excess of it. And for good reason, the excess of cholesterol LDL can have dramatic health consequences cardiovascular. In the long term, people with it are at risk of myocardial infarction, stroke or arteritis of the lower limbs.

“In France, cholesterol would be at the origin ofa infarction On two and near 20 % of the adult population would present a hypercholesterolemia“, recalls the French Federation of Cardiology. This phenomenon is, in fact, particularly widespread in Western societies. The cause? Our way of life and our diets rich in fat and in particular saturated fats originating from animal fats.



Food is the first solution if you want to lower your bad cholesterol levels and protect yourself against cardiovascular disease. Why not start with breakfast? In France, we are used to gargantuan breakfasts where unfortunately sugar and fat are present. Which is not to please our cholesterol. However, it is possible to find healthier alternatives. If you adopt them, you may experience a drop in your LDL. According to Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist, interviewed by Medisite, there are actually foods that can help you. Preview in our slideshow.

Cholesterol: what is the rate not to be exceeded?

LDL cholesterol is considered to be should not exceed 1.6 grams per liter of blood, while HDL cholesterol must be greater than 0,35 grams per liter of blood. Total cholesterol should remain below 2 g/l.

Warning. not to confuse everything. Cholesterol is not necessarily bad, it is even a essential lipid the proper functioning of the body. Most of the cholesterol we need is produced by the liver, the rest is provided by food.

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There are, however, two protein allowing the transport of these lipids in the blood:

  • High density lipoproteins (HDL) are the good cholesterol.
  • Low density lipoproteins (LDL) are bad cholesterol.

If the former prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the wall of arteries, and promote the elimination of excess cholesterol by the liver, the second have the opposite effect. Hence the importance of regularly monitoring its level, thanks to a blood test.

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