5 Latest Facts About ABG Being Sex Slaves by Mami Erika


Polda Metro Jaya expose underage prostitution. Prostitution is carried out by a pimp who resides in a number of apartments in Jakarta and Tangerang.

The suspect, a woman with the initials EMT alias Mami Erika (44) enslave the sex of the new big boy (ABG) for many years. Mami Erika worked with a young man with the initials RR (19) who served as a guest seeker, who was also the victim’s girlfriend.

Mami Erika and RR were arrested three months after being reported by the victim, to be precise in June 2022. Both were arrested by the Renakta Sub-Directorate Team under the leadership of the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police, Kombes Hengki Haryadi, in Kalideres, West Jakarta, on Monday (19/9) night.



Here are some of the latest facts about sex slavery Mom Erikawhich we summarize Thursday (22/9/2022):

Sex Slave 8 Other Teens For 3 Years

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan said the suspect Mami Erika had been running this slime business for three years.

“EMT has been operating before 2021,” said Zulpan at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/9).

Zulpan said that from the results of an examination to EMT, the woman apparently had eight other ‘foster children’ who were underage, who were suspected of being used as sex slaves by the perpetrators.

“The person concerned has eight foster children that he trades and this he also arranges for placement in the three apartments,” explained Zulpan.

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Operates from Apartment to Apartment

The suspect Erika was mentioned already 3 years operating in several apartments in Jakarta.

“This activity is quite covert and the whereabouts of these children sometimes move around, their place is hidden by the perpetrators, so this takes time,” said Zulpan.

Mami Erika or EMT was finally arrested by the Sub-Directorate Team of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation at the Metro Jaya Police on Monday (19/9) in the Kalideres area, West Jakarta. EMT claimed to have three apartments in Tangerang and Jakarta as a place for his prostitution business.

“There is Apartment A in Tangerang, Apartment B in Jakarta, and Apartment G in Jakarta. The victim is always moved and put there,” said Zulpan.

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