5 Mad Project Areas of Prince MbS in Saudi, 1 Location Avoided by the Prophet

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The leader in fact Arab SaudiLord Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), has announced a number of mega development projects shortly after taking the throne as Crown Prince in 2017.

Most of the projects consist of the construction of new industrial and tourism areas aimed at attracting more tourists and foreign investors. This is because Saudi plans to diversify the country’s economy so that it no longer relies on oil as a source of income. The plan is contained in Saudi Vision 2030.



In this vision, Saudi Arabia plans to boost state revenue from the tourism sector to 10 percent of total GDP in 2030.

Some of these tourism projects are considered very ambitious and even “crazy” because they require very large capital to sophisticated technology with futuristic concepts.

Here are the six Saudi megaprojects:


The Saudis will build the futuristic city of Neom in Tabuk Province, northwest of the country overlooking Egypt across the Red Sea.

MbS claims that Neom City will be built on an area of ​​26,500 kilometers on an arid desert land complete with high technology and has a capacity for 450,000 people in 2026 and nine million residents in 2045. This futuristic city is planned to be completed in stages starting 2025.

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Some of the crazy projects to be built in this city include the The Line skyscraper, the Oxagon complex, the resort on Sindalah Island, and the ski resort of Trojena.

The Line is a skyscraper in the form of an elongated line with a height of 500 meters, a width of 200 meters, and a length of 170 kilometers.

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Meanwhile, the Saudis are also planning to build an octagonal city called Oxagon in Neom, part of which is built to float above the Red Sea.

According to site Neom’s mega project, Oxagon will be the largest above sea level structure in the world. Saudi Arabia also plans to implement 100 percent clean energy sources in Oxagon, covering an area of ​​​​48 square kilometers.

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Don’t know

Amaala is an ultra-luxury project on the Red Sea coast that focuses on building wellness, wellness and meditation facilities.

This project will offer luxury facilities in various fields such as art, culture, fashion, health to sports.

Amaala will be built on 4,155 square kilometers of land on the northwestern coast of the Red Sea with facilities from 25 hotels containing a total of 3,000 rooms to private housing and apartments, according to the report. site official.

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5 Mad Projects of Prince MbS in Saudi, 1 Project in Areas Avoided by the Prophet


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