5 Natural Phenomena Proof of the Truth of the Qur’an in Science, There is Fire at the Bottom of the Sea

JAKARTAiNewsTasikmalaya.idNature phenomenon proof of the truth of the Qur’an in Science you can see in this article.

The earth with all its contents contains many natural phenomena that are difficult for human reason to explain.

However, the natural phenomena that occurred were explained in the holy book of the Koran before the advent of advanced technology as it is today.

So what natural phenomena have been described in the Koran?

The following natural phenomena prove the truth of the Koran in science, summarized from various sources, Sunday (4/12/2022):

1. Two seas meet without being able to unite

The first natural phenomenon that proves the truth of the Koran in science is the phenomenon of the meeting of two different seas without being able to unite.

This natural phenomenon has been explained in the Qur’an Surah Ar-Rahman verses 19-20 which means, “He let two seas flow which (later) both met. Between the two of them there is a limit that neither of them can go beyond.”

This natural phenomenon is located in the Strait of Gibraltar which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.

In Al-Jawahir fi Tafsir Al-Qur’an Al Karim, Thanthawi Jauhari explained, the two different colored waters are salty seawater and fresh seawater.

The two cannot influence each other. The two waters cannot unite with each other because of a divine barrier.

Meanwhile, according to scientists, this natural phenomenon is due to a physical force called surface tension.

In addition, scientists also say that the water from the adjacent seas has different densities.

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2. Fire on the seabed

5 Natural Phenomena Proof of the Truth of the Qur’an in Science, Fire at the Bottom of the Sea to Plants Exalted. Photo: St

The second natural phenomenon that proves the truth of the Koran in science is a fire on the seabed. This natural phenomenon is true.

This natural phenomenon is a phenomenon that exists on the seabed on earth. Naturally, the fire comes out as a result of an underwater volcanic eruption.

This phenomenon of fire on the seabed has also been explained in the Al-Quran Surah At-Thur verse 6 which means, “and the sea in which there is fire.”

Launching the book Miracles of Al Quran & As Sunnah, after World War II, scientists explored the oceans and seas in search of mineral materials whose reserves were running out.

Scientists were surprised by the many volcanic mountains that lie in the oceans which they call underwater mountains.

The mountains were formed as a result of a powerful volcanic eruption. At a depth of about 1.6 kilometers under the sea, lava from volcanic eruptions can melt out and heat up until it finally ejects volcanic ash.

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