5 nutrition tips that the WHO gives to take care of people’s health

The WHO points out that a good diet is crucial for health, especially at times when the immune system needs to defend itself

  • 18/09/2020
  • 17:18 hrs.

He stress and the anxiety generated by can cause persons overeat and this, added to the lack of exercise, can lead to overweight and obesity, which are two risk factors for a covid-19 More serious.

We recently informed you that the pandemic of covid-19 was affecting the buying patterns of foods of the persons. On that occasion, it was mentioned that manufacturers of foods they were making more varieties of their best-selling product without creating new foods and the persons were reacting differently, as some found comfort in foods high in calories and others decided to start consuming healthier products.

Now the World Organization of the Health (WHO) published an online document with recommendations nutrition and food for persons or families that are in autocuarentena The Social isolation.

What are these tips?

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5 nutrition tips from the WHO so that persons take care of your Health during the pandemic of covid-19:

The WHO aim what a good feeding is crucial for Health, especially at times when the immune system needs to defend itself, so these are 5 recommendations from WHO to take care of her Health of the persons found in quarantine The Social isolation:

1) Take care of personal cleanliness and products when cooking: The WHO recommends that when preparing food For yourself or others, it is important to keep your hands, utensils, and kitchen clean. You should also separate the food cooked raw, cook very well the foods, keep them foods at a safe temperature (less than 5 ° C or more than 60 ° C). With this, says the WHO, many diseases that could be spread by foods.

2) Make a plan: The WHO details that panic buying can have a negative impact, such as an increase in prices and excessive consumption of food, so it is important that persons Consider your own needs, as well as those of others, and first see what you already have to avoid wasting food and that others can access the foods that they need.

“The persons may feel the need to buy large quantities of food, but it is important that first they are aware of what they already have and only buy what is necessary. This way, there won’t be too much food left over and it won’t spoil either “, Explain the WHO.

3) Take into account the portions: The WHO mentions That it can be difficult to take care of the right portions when you are starting to cook from scratch, but that with a mobile device or computer handy you can review the healthy appropriate portions for each age.

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4) Keep hydrated: Good hydration is essential for a Health optimal. The WHO recommends drink plain water, as it is the cheapest and healthiest. Drinking plain water reduces sugar and calorie intake, details the WHO.

5) Kitchen in House: The WHO mentions that in this way, the person can be more aware of what he is preparing, the ingredients used, and what he is eating.

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