Health 5 pleasant news about the Corona virus ... according...

5 pleasant news about the Corona virus … according to promising studies

Studies that promise some promising discoveries about the Corona virus are increasing as researchers and doctors around the world give their efforts and produce a new set of studies that reveal positive results about the Corona virus.nymagThe results of these studies are preliminary but give hope for understanding and controlling this virus.

5 cheerful news about the Corona virus

1- Corona patients for the second time do not transmit infection and have antibodies

Researchers at the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found new evidence confirming that patients who were confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus for the second time after recovery from it for the first time are not able to transmit infection to others, and they may have antibodies that prevent them from contracting the disease again.

This means that patients were disposing of the non-infectious or dead virus particles remaining in their bodies after the first infection.

2) People with coronavirus-like viruses have kept neutral antibodies for years after infection

A recent study in Singapore on people with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) found that they maintained “significant levels of neutral antibodies” for 9 to 17 years after the initial infection.

And as a virus COVID-19 A member of the SARS virus family, this discovery is another promising sign that humans may develop long-term immunity against the first.

Corona Virus

3) Experimental vaccine that has been tested in humans and has positive results

There is one vaccine for the Coronavirus that has already been tested in humans – and at this early stage it appears to be safe and effective, according to the manufacturer, which is the biotechnology company. Moderna In Massachusetts, America, experiences have shown promising results.

Scientists have experimented with the vaccine on 8 people, and the eight participants who received two doses of the vaccine developed neutral antibodies similar to those in Corona patients after recovery.

vaccine Moderna It is of the new type based RNA It is a property that makes the substance safer and easier to mass produce than conventional vaccines.

But the novelty of an approach Moderna It also calls for some doubts about its alleged results, for the time being, no vaccine based on has been licensed RNA For use anywhere in the world.

4) Gags seem to help prevent corona

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong confirmed that the masks reduced infection by the Corona virus by up to 75%.

The researchers studied the transmission of the virus between hamsters and found that half of them were infected with Corona virus and the other half were healthy, with half of those with COVID-19 The other is in good health, and they analyzed different scenarios in which rat cages were covered with face mask materials and other cages that were not covered..

The researchers said they found very clearly that covering the nose and mouth was highly effective in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus.

5) Vitamin D intake may help protect you from corona

Many research teams have found that patients most susceptible to corona complications tend to have very low levels of vitamin DrCountries with high rates of corona death also tend to have higher levels of vitamin deficiency D Among its residents.

And there is a reason to believe that vitamin D levels help prevent cytokine storms, as a person’s immune system reacts to a Coronavirus infection and begins to attack the cells of the body itself rather than the virus.



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