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CHAMPIONSHIP World Superbike (WSBK) Mandalika 2021 in Lombok garnered public attention. Not only racing enthusiasts, but also a number of celebrities, including Memes Prameswari.

The woman who is known as a beautiful sinden shares her moments on the Mandalika circuit to her personal Instagram. Memes Prameswari also had time to take pictures with several racers.

Here’s a portrait of Memes Prameswari watching the superbike race in Mandalika, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account, @memes_prameswari.

Beautiful Pose

Memes Prameswari captures the moment at the Mandalika Circuit by posing beautifully. Memes looks cute in a green jacket and white T-shirt. Aside from her cute style, Memes’ smile makes you melt!

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Photo with the champion, Jonathan Rea

Memes Prameswari

The 25-year-old woman made netizens jealous by sharing her selfie with one of the racers, Jonathan Rea.

Memes flashed a smile while taking a selfie with the Northern Irish racer. Memes here are so cute.

“Wow, a photo with @jonathan_rea cakepppppp😍,” praised @fajar********

“Finally it worked, took a photo with the winner ,” said @nart *****

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Not only Rea

Memes Prameswari

Turns out, Memes isn’t just a photo with one racer. This time, Memes showed off his photo with Michael van der Mark, a racer from the Netherlands.

Pose wearing a mask when it rains

Memes Prameswari

It turns out that Memes Prameswari is not alone watching the superbike race at the Mandalika Circuit. Memes captures the moment with his friends when it rains on the racetrack. Under the umbrella, Memes takes selfies wearing a white mask that partially covers her face, but she’s still pretty!

Stay enthusiastic

Memes Prameswari

Even though it was raining, Memes and his friends were still excited to watch the superbike race. Memes was happy to be able to come directly to witness the spectacular race.

Superbike World Championship 🏍 It was absolutely spectacular !

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