5 questions to Rodrigo Sánchez, Art director of El Mundo

We have asked Rodrigo Sanchez, Art director of El Mundo (Best Designed Publication in the Newspaper category) that we select a cover, text, illustration, infographic and photography.

My favorite cover

I cannot keep a cover page, because the newspaper that we have devised for Sunday is a succession of covers. Five supplements within a “weekly journal”. The idea when making the skeleton of the product was not to put all the meat on a single spit, but to distribute the meat over several spits. In fact, the main cover, the first first, is ugly. For motley, for dense, for great. I always wanted to do an ugly cover with great cover ambition. Big newspapers are ugly, but they are credible. I wanted to make it ambitious, but ugly; even treeless, somewhat chaotic. I love it. It was difficult and it is still difficult to do it week by week, because I learn from experience. The cover itself helps us to do it, it teaches you to do it. Lately she even makes herself, herself.

My favorite story

That of ‘Hugo. Story of a heart ‘, by Pedro Simón. Pedro writes like the air that moves the grass. It rocks you, lulls you to sleep and excites you. He’s a bastard and he knows it. In addition, his texts are difficult to square, he abuses short lines, points and apart, direct phrases, interjections. There is no God who makes a paragraph in conditions with him. I love it.

My favorite infographic

I am really enjoying double page fevers. Those that mix with the text and cross the columns. The infographics that bother the mockup are the best. I like the mess. Assemble mess with line lines and text lines. Let everything mix, let everything mix.

My favorite illustration

I prefer that of De Niro by Carlos Rodriguez Casado, that of Maradona de Ulises and that of the bull by Ricardo Martínez.

My favorite photograph

The cover image of Hugo’s special. A look, a pacifier, a scar and a Superman pajamas. It is the image of life: drama, innocence, hope and victory. All in one.

What will El Mundo be like in 2021?

I hope it remains a printed journal. The premium and delicatessen version of the best informational website in Spain. And that the boundaries between both platforms, digital and print, are increasingly indistinguishable. The excellence of journalistic design has to be as careful on the web as on paper. It is our challenge and what our readers deserve.

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