5 Ronaldinho Controversy

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A myriad of achievements belonging to world football legends Ronaldinho colored some of the darkest moments in his life. Here are five Ronaldinho controversies.

As a football icon, Ronaldinho automatically lives in the public spotlight. Every movement becomes the consumption of people who are curious about their daily activities.

Ronaldinho, who is known for his smile, was always a concern when he was a professional athlete until he decided to retire. Some moments can even make people frown at the man who was born on March 21, 1980.

Here are five Ronaldinho controversies:

1. Exercise While Drunk

Former Barcelona player, Alexander Hleb said Ronaldinho and Deco had come to the Blaugrana’s training session in a state of complete unconsciousness.

According to Hleb, this is what made Barcelona management release Ronaldinho and Deco in 2008. This also ended Ronaldinho’s five-year journey at Camp Nou.

“Ronaldinho and Deco came to practice while still drunk. That’s the reason Ronaldinho and Deco were sold in 2008,” said Hleb.

It was later discovered that the reason Barcelona released two of its stars was because they wanted to project the young talent of his time, Lionel Messi, who at that time was predicted to be a megastar.

“The club is worried that they will affect Lionel Messi,” said Hleb.

2. Refuse to play in the Premier League in favor of partying in Brazil

Ronaldinho took the surprising step of leaving AC Milan in the middle of the 2010/2011 season when the Rossoneri were strong candidates for the Scudetto.

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Ronaldinho was reportedly getting an offer to play in the English Premier League from Blackburn Rovers. But Ronaldinho flatly rejected the proposal and chose to return home to Brazil.

At the age of 30, Ronaldinho was considered to have the ability to compete on the European stage. However, he completely put aside all invitations from the Blue Continent club so that he could meet his old friends again.

Ronaldinho is rumored to want to return to Brazil so he can party with his friends. He then joined Flamengo in early 2011.

Ronaldinho then moved to Atletico Mineiro, moved to Mexican League club Queretaro, moved again to the Brazilian League with Fluminense, until he decided to retire in 2018.

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