Whether you are new to the world of RC cars or a seasoned hobbyist, having the correct battery charger is essential for keeping your vehicle driving in top condition. There are many different battery chargers available online, each with unique features and benefits. You need to carefully weigh your requirements and preferences before purchasing to find the best option for your needs.

Some of the most popular RC car battery chargers include basic chargers, trickle chargers, smart chargers, fast chargers, and multi-chemistry chargers. 

Here are five trending options that are the rage right now:

1. NiMH and NiCd Basic Charger

The first type of battery charger for RC cars that you can buy online is the basic NiMH or NiCd charger. These chargers offer a simple design and low cost, ideal for beginner RC enthusiasts. They typically have a single knob or switch to select the proper charge rate, and some even feature a built-in cooling fan to help prolong the life of your batteries. 

Additionally, these chargers commonly include different modes for charging different battery packs, making them highly versatile and easy to use. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable, no-frills charger for your RC car batteries, a basic NiMH or NiCd charger may be ideal.

2. LiPo Balance Charger

Another popular option for RC car battery chargers is the lithium balance charger. These chargers are specifically designed to charge lithium-based batteries, such as LiPo and LiFePO4 cells. They typically feature advanced functionalities like multiple charging modes, a built-in balancer module, and temperature monitoring. 

Additionally, many of these chargers come with a USB interface, making them easy to connect to your computer or laptop for monitoring and data logging. A lithium balance charger is an excellent option to consider if you drive an RC car that uses a lithium-based battery pack.  If you’ve never used LiPo before, do some research as these batteries are more difficult to charge correctly.  The right charger makes a big difference.

3. Time-Controlled Chargers

Time-controlled chargers feature a timer that automatically shuts off the charging process once the batteries are fully charged. It helps prevent overcharging, damaging your batteries, and shortening their lifespan. 

These chargers often include other features like voltage monitoring, temperature monitoring, and safety timers. If you’re searching for a charger with the utmost safety and convenience, a time-controlled charger is an excellent option.

4. Fast Chargers

If you’re on the hunt for the simplest and quickest way to charge your batteries, a fast charger is the way to go. These chargers are specifically and carefully designed to charge your batteries as quickly as possible without damaging them. 

Many of these chargers feature adjustable charge rates so that you can tailor the charging process to your specific needs. Additionally, many fast chargers come with built-in balancers and other advanced features. If you need to get your batteries charged up fast, a fast charger is an excellent option to consider.

5. Multi-Chemistry Chargers

Multi-chemistry chargers are some of the most versatile chargers on the market, as they can charge a variety of different battery types. These chargers typically feature multiple charging modes so that you can tailor the process to your specific needs. 

Many of these chargers come with advanced features like temperature monitoring, balancing capabilities, and safety timers. Whether you’re looking for a handy charger to keep at home or one that is easily portable, a multi-chemistry charger is an excellent option to consider.

So if you’re in the market for a new battery charger for your RC car, be sure to consider these five options. Whether you need a quick, fast charger or one that can handle multiple battery types, there’s sure to be an option that meets your needs. From NiMH and NiCd chargers to lithium balance chargers and more, the world of RC car battery chargers has something for everyone.

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