50,000 have been spotted above North Carolina. km / h a ball of fire flying at speed

Captured camera

More than 80 people spotted the fireball, which NASA said was just one of five such meteors that flew over the U.S. that evening. The meteor flew off the coast of North Carolina and was visible at an altitude of 77 kilometers above the ocean near Camp Lejeune.

The brightly burning meteor moved in a northeasterly direction and then collapsed at an altitude of 45 miles above Morehead City, North Carolina.

According to the AMS, fireballs are meteors and can theoretically be seen in daylight.

The flaming cosmic stones, thanks to their stunning brilliance, are grateful for their large size and tremendous speed – resulting in high friction when the stones collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. As fireballs enter the atmosphere at speeds well above the sound barrier, from about 40,000 to just under 260,000 km / h, they can also be accompanied by a huge sound, according to AMS.

VIDEO: AMS event #5940-2021

The video, which was filmed on the porch camera of Rowland Pond’s house, shows how a bright rock leaves a dazzling footprint in the night sky and then disappears behind distant trees.

If a ball of fire explodes over your head, it can do serious damage. 2013 above the city of Chelyabinsk in central Russia, a meteor caused an explosion roughly equivalent to 400-500 kilotons of trotyl, or 26-33 times the energy released by the Hiroshima bomb. Fireballs spilled over Chelyabinsk and its environs, damaging buildings, smashing windows and injuring about 1,200 people.


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