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Cheap SIM and cheap smartphone IIJmio, how much is the new fee per month?I tried to verify whether it could be a candidate for fixed cost review

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What do you think of “fixed costs” in your household? In recent years, there have been many factors that put pressure on households, such as rising prices, and there are many people who want to keep fixed costs as low as possible and have a margin. In particular, smartphones, which are said to be essential items in modern society, may greatly contribute to household savings by reviewing how they are used. Recently, an increasing number of people are taking the option of “cheap SIM / smartphone”, especially among young people who want to keep costs down and use smartphones. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the merits of choosing a cheap SIM / smartphone from among the cheap SIM / smartphones, using “IIJmio”, which was revised in April 2022, as an example.

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