The World Athletics Federation bans trans women from participating in women’s competitions

Based on this decision, transgender people who were men at the age of puberty will not be able to participate in the competition, although there are currently no such athletes in the highest level competitions. Also, new rules have been adopted regarding the differences in sexual development, which currently affect 13 track and field athletes, including the titled runner of the Republic of South Africa (DĀR), Caster Semenya. These athletes will be able to compete in other disciplines, not just races from 400 meters to a mile, but their testosterone levels must not exceed the prescribed norm for at least two years before the competition. Female athletes with elevated testosterone levels are barred from competing in events between 400 meters and a mile. Female runners who do not meet these rules must compete in other disciplines or compete with men if they refuse to take testosterone-lowering medication. For this reason, Semenya, the two-time Olympic champion and three-time world champion in the 800-meter race, was forced to requalify for other distances, in which she competed without success.

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