The school principal showed the students the work of Michelangelo and… was fired

Now, former principal Hope Karaskijla from Florida has studied Renaissance art with her sixth grade students. As part of the course, the school principal showed the children the statue of David made by Michelangelo and other works of the master. Karaskijla told the media that, according to the rules, it was necessary to send a letter to the parents before showing a similar classical work of art to the students. According to Karaskillas, due to a “series of misunderstandings”, the letter did not reach the parents of the six-grade students. And some of them began to complain. One parent “was very upset that her child had to look at such works.” After receiving complaints, the school board president asked Hope to resign or face being fired. The woman announced her departure on March 20 without explaining the reasons. “He (the chairman) was more concerned with litigation than he was with my 25+ years of experience as an educator,” Hope later commented. “I’m sad that my time here ended this way.”

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