56 retired military commanders sign against the amnesty and warn of the "serious danger" for "the constitutional order"

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A large group of military commanders in the reserve have signed a statement in which they speak out against the amnesty and denounce the “harassment” of the rule of law.

These signatories have held high-level positions in all armies. Thus, as explained to THE WORLD Sources of the promoters, among the signatories there are three division generals, four brigadier generals and 24 colonels. There are also lieutenant colonels, captains and commanders of different arms. The statement of these 56 retired chiefs has been added to the Spanish Military Associationwhich brings together more than 800 members of the Armies also in reserve status.

In the text, to which this newspaper has had access, the signatories show their “concern about the current situation” and denounce “the absence of Justice, Equality and democracy in Spain.”

They denounce “the harassment of the rule of law, by taking over the Executive power of the majority of judicial bodies.” The signatories consider that “the independence of the judiciary and the separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers are annulled, as various associations of magistrates, judges and prosecutors, as well as the General Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court, have already asserted.”

They denounce that the Constitutional Court, the highest body of constitutional guarantees, is presided over “by a magistrate with a background that does not allow the neutrality of his actions” and is partially composed “of magistrates who have recently held relevant political positions in the Executive branch, which nullifies its neutrality.”

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