56 years later, Jordan’s boss confesses a terrible secret!

Michael Jordan likes to surround himself with trustworthy people in his business, it is the basis for having successful businesses. But 56 years later, the president of Jordan Brand has revealed a secret that not everyone knew existed, including MJ!

Michael Jordan only accepts excellence around it, and has always done so. Just as he demanded the best from his teammates when playing for the Bulls, he demands the best from his associates in his various businesses. Among the Hornets, we suspect that he will no longer be satisfied with anything other than the playoffs with the expected rise in power from LaMelo Ball. It must be said that he loves to write history, and a title as owner would take him to another dimension.

And when we know the character requirement, we guess that his Jordan Brand, his most lucrative business by far with millions of shoes sold each year, is masterfully led by a team of experts. For example, the company is chaired by Larry Miller, a former executive of the Blazers, who knows both finance and the world of basketball.

Larry Miller reveals the reasons for a murder

Moreover, under his regime, Portland has become a benchmark franchise on many levels. Already, 159 consecutive matches have been sold out, and this often crowded venue has become the first in the world to meet strong ecological criteria. Larry Miller is a big name, a hard worker, but like everyone else he has a background. And his is particularly heavy. Howard Beck from Sports Illustrated recount.

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In 1965, when he was 16, Miller shot an 18-year-old man. He spent time in prison for this crime. Miller and several friends of his West Philadelphia gang have sought revenge after the death of a loved one. Miller shot the first person who walked past him. “There was no good reason for this incident to happen. I still think about it every day. “

“We were all drunk, I was lost. Once I came to my senses, I wondered why we had done this. I took years to realize. If I could go back and erase everything I would. The only thing I can do today is talk about it to prevent it from happening again elsewhere. I was actually nervous to admit this to Michael, just because I respect and love him very much. “

56 years later, Larry Miller has decided to openly confess the murder of an innocent person in the streets of Philadelphia. A story of few people had to wait knowing the character’s CV. All the same, there is still a fine example that reintegration is perfectly possible. He served his sentence, resumed his studies, and is today at the head of an empire.

Michael jordan should not on believe his ears when he heard the story from his friend Larry Miller. The greatest punishment for the latter is still living with the regret of this incident.

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