In early April, the State Revenue Service reported widespread detention at the Terehova customs checkpoint.

Panorama: 29 customs officials detained at Terehova customs checkpoint on suspicion of corruption. (..) The SRS Internal Security Board has carried out large-scale investigative activities at the customs control point, implementing one of the most ambitious anti-corruption activities in the history of Latvia.

I am aware that among the initial detainees are also three customs officers, whose names were already in the corruption scheme twenty years ago. Its opening was mentioned as a possible reason for the assassination of Vyacheslav Liscov, the head of the Ludza administration of the State Revenue Service (SRS).

News archive: Vyacheslav Liscov, director of the SRS Ludza district department, was shot dead this morning.

What information do customs officers and tax inspectors provide in their income statements? We studied the declarations of two thousand SRS employees. A customs officer has saved two million euros in the bank. Many officials have received more than a hundred thousand worth of gifts from relatives. But other customs officers have very lucrative additional work.

Indra Sprance: However, that income is now polite compared to the salary you earn at the SRS.

Andris Streikuss: Well, of course, I also work quite politely.

Open files studies how the SRS is doing with the eradication of corruption among its own employees.