5G at a bargain price and free internet for kids

T-Mobile President Mike Sievert (left), CEO John Legere

“5G for good” campaign: “Good for the country, good for the consumer.”

(Photo: AP)

new York The US mobile subsidiary of German Telekom, T-Mobile, is getting ready for a major service and support initiative just before the upcoming lawsuit. T-Mobile wants to go to the planned Fusion with Sprint already on December 6 nationwide offer the new fast 5G Internet for $ 15 a month. In addition, emergency services such as firefighters and millions of poor children are to receive free wireless internet.

In his live video shoot, long-haired T-Mobile CEO John Legere stands at the table with his legendary magenta T-shirt over the black leather jacket next to his president and COO Mike Sievert, gushing about the new “5G for good” campaign : “Good for the country, good for the consumers,” shouts the talented showman beaming at the camera. Also sidelined to the competition of AT & T and Verizon do not stay out.

The generous offers come just a few weeks before the start of the trial of the planned merger on 9 December. There several states complain against the merger of T-Mobile and the competitor Sprint. They criticize that the merger of the number three and the number four of the industry will harm the competition.

Sprint and T-Mobile had already announced their $ 26 billion merger in April 2018, promising $ 40 billion in investment in the new, faster 5G technology. But since then, the approval had dragged on again and again.

This summer, the Ministry of Justice and, most recently, the powerful telecoms regulator FCC approved. To ensure that there are still four mobile service providers in the US, the two companies have agreed to cede several prepaid licenses to the satellite specialist Dish.

“If we go in the process, we will win”

But the lawsuits of a number of states remain in the room. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is currently negotiating eagerly with the states in the hope of preventing a lawsuit with out-of-court settlements. The company has already succeeded with some states, most recently with Colorado.

“We've had a lot of talks with the states and we've come up with various settlement proposals,” said John Legere, adding, “The talks were not hostile.”

The T-Mobile CEO is also confident of victory, but it should come to the process: “If we go in the process, we will win,” said Legere.

The T-Mobile boss also commented on the deadline of 1 November. Under the original agreement, Sprint and T-Mobile had only committed each other up to that date. Thereafter, it is theoretically free for both sides, but not to merge.

Legere confirmed that there are currently discussions about various aspects of the merger. This includes the rating and other things.

In such a discussion, T-Mobile would definitely be in a stronger bargaining position: while T-Mobile is gaining more and more customers, Sprint has recently lost many subscribers.

More: The employees are worried about the merger with rival Sprint. They demand from Telecom CEO Höttges a job and salary guarantee.

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