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DThe battle for collective bargaining for 5G between Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone is becoming increasingly serious, although the networks have not yet been expanded. After Vodafone had already announced at the start of the week that users with internal contract rates could browse the network of the new 5G mobile generation and therefore without additional costs, Telekom is now moving into the Ifa trade show .

The use of 5G is now included in Telekom magenta mobile rates, but only for new customers. Existing customers must switch to the new rates if they wish to use the new network. The contract period is therefore not extended. At the same time, Telekom is also increasing the volume of data in its magenta mobile rates to more than double.

Vodafone, however, wants to unlock the 5G also for existing customers without changing the tariff. The company had its 5G network in Germany as the first operator released in July. For the use of the provider an additional cost of five euros per month is required. But this amount has now been canceled. In the coming days, the 5G option booked by users will be automatically deleted.

Telekom reduces prices for 5G

The Telekom had called the original tariffs even before the start of the network. For smartphone users in the 5G network, Telekom took just under 85 euros, including a flat rate for data, calls and SMS. Who wanted to use 5G with a hotspot, had to adapt to just under 75 euros.

Vodafone's pressure on prices has apparently led to a rethinking of telecommunications. Now it costs the cheapest S Magenta Mobile tariff with a data volume of six gigabytes to less than 40 euros, even in the 5G network. Telecom landline customers pay another five euros less and those under the age of 28 can save ten euros.

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Therefore, the two mobile phones forego an additional price of 5G. This is rather unusual for the introduction of a new network technology. At the beginning of LTE (4G), mobile phones required a supplement. Technology has existed for a long time only in the most expensive rates. These days, the discounters are changing their customers from 3G to 4G because the 3G network will be closed in the coming years to reuse the frequencies.

However, network operators with their new pricing structure are more likely to prevent problems. Because there is still no real 5G network. For example, WELT was able to test the 5G from Vodafone in Berlin, but only on a single antenna site. Currently, there are only a few hotspots distributed in Germany that are starting the new standard. O2 operator Telefónica must 5G network expansion did not give any information.

After the launch in July, Vodafone today speaks of over 50 stations with only 120 antennas. So if you want to use the new network in cities like Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Duisburg or Munich, you have to be in the right place in the right neighborhood. In addition, network operators are currently offering their customers only three smartphone models, one from Huawei and two from Samsung. The danger that many telecommunications customers and Vodafone now use the new network, so low, because their smartphones are unable to do so.

Telekom wants consistent 5G areas

"Our 5G network is growing, the number of 5G smartphones is increasing and our customers' interest in 5G has grown enormously," said Vodafone Germany head Hannes Ametsreiter. "Since the launch of 5G a few weeks ago, we see thousands of new users."

Telekom has now launched the 5G Ifa network in five cities in Germany, with a total of 129 antennas. While Vodafone appeals to its users with half a gigabit data rate, in the test we came as the only users in the mobile phone to just over 800 megabits, the Telekom calls a speed of a gigabit per second and beyond.

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"We are bringing 5G to the road and we are therefore moving towards the needs of our customers," said Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer of Telekom Germany. The cities will start in Berlin, Bonn, Darmstadt, Cologne and Munich.

"Where data usage is high, let's go to the first step." Telecommunications expand contiguous areas. This criticizes the approach of the telecommunications operator Vodafone to turn on single antennas with 5G and therefore have a range of a few hundred meters. "It's not about having the 5G in the show, but about experiencing the strengths of 5G right from the start," said Goldenits.

Only in the middle of Berlin Telekom has 66 antennas with 5G live according to his own statements, thus reaching "the largest contiguous area of ​​5G in Germany" on about six square kilometers. Clusters of 5G must also be built in other cities.

Many more years for the 5G national network

According to telecommunications plans, Hamburg and Leipzig should also receive 5G by the end of the year and by the end of the year there will be more than 300 antennas in Germany. At the end of next year, Telekom intends to be represented by the new wireless standard in at least the 20 largest cities in Germany.

Until Germany has a national 5G network, it will take many years. Vodafone wants to reach half a million people by the end of the year with 5G, by the end of 2020 will be ten million. By the end of 2021, this number will double again.

Compared to LTE 5G it offers significantly higher data rates, which can even exceed one Gigabit. Furthermore, response times in the network are shorter, so only users have the impression that their devices have responded faster. However, at the moment there are no smartphone apps that would rely on 5G speed. A well-developed LTE network is sufficient for current applications.

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Source: WORLD / Nicole Fuchs-Wiecha

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