6 Health Benefits of Cleaning the Tongue

Cleaning the tongue with a special tool brings many health benefits.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — In addition to teeth, keeping tongue hygiene It is also important for overall health. Clean area tongue it’s also not enough to just brush your teeth, you need to use tongue scraper or tongue cleaner.

In Indonesia, the use of this tool is not as popular as a toothbrush. In fact, there are many benefits that can be obtained when clean the tongue with the U-shaped tool. The use of this tool is also simple, just push it from the back to the tip of the tongue.

Then, what are the benefits of cleaning the tongue? Here’s the explanation as reported Express UK, Tuesday (28/9)

1. Maintain oral hygiene
The mouth is filled with millions of bacteria and not all of them are good bacteria. Tongue scraper helps remove bacteria and food debris and maintain oral hygiene.

2. Fresh breath
About 50 percent of cases of halitosis (bad breath) are caused by the remnants of bacteria on the tongue. Cleaning the tongue is an important step in dealing with bad breath. Scraping off tongue bacteria, food debris, and other nasty particles can help with ongoing breathing problems.

Smokers, people who have dry mouth or yeast infections, have poor oral hygiene, and use certain drugs that cause bad breath important to wear tongue scraper.

3. Prevent tooth decay and gum disease
Eliminating harmful bacteria on the tongue can prevent cavities, gum disease, tooth decay and other oral conditions. However, this step alone is not enough to replace a poor dental care routine.

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You’ll also need to use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, brush your teeth and gums twice a day, and brush them for at least two minutes. Drink lots of water and avoid smoking.


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