6 new features that will be available on the iPhone soon.. Get to know them

Apple has released the Release Candidate RC of iOS 16.4 to developers and public beta testers, this is an indication that the latest iOS 16 update may arrive very soon.

Here are 6 new features iPhone users can expect to get soon:

New emojis are coming to iPhone

iOS 16.4 will bring more than 20 new emoji to iOS iPhone devicesThese include hand gestures, animals, and more.

Sound isolation in phone calls

For FaceTime calls, Apple has a sound isolation feature, which can block out ambient noise around users.

The classic Apple Music app

Apple announced an all-new classical music app earlier this month. With iOS 16.4, iPhone users are expected to be able to download and use the app.

The app will bring thousands of songs and artists from the classical music genre to your iPhone.

Easily check your Apple Care coverage

If you are deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem and have multiple devices, it will be easier to check if you have Apple Care coverage.

A new screen will be enabled in the Settings app for users to check their coverage.

Page turning feature

Apple Books will bring back the page-turning animation with iOS 16.4.

The feature was removed with the redesigned Books app, which happened with iOS 16.

5G is faster in many countries

5G Standalone brings better speed to iPhones and is available in a few countries such as USA, Brazil and Japan.

iOS 16.4 enables 5G Standalone in those countries for faster 5G connectivity.

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