6 Safe Ways to Ride a Motorcycle to Avoid the Covid-19 Virus


Always carrying a hand sanitizer wherever you travel is one of the safest ways to travel by motorbike during the pandemic. Photo: AHM doc

JAKARTA The high rate of transmission and death due to Covid-19 makes people worry a lot. Therefore, to avoid it, you can start by changing old habits with new and more hygienic ones to prevent exposure to and contracting the virus.

If you really have to leave the house using a motorbike, the following is quoted from the official Astra Motor website (30/07), regarding ways and can be your recommendation to stay safe and prevent from this Covid-19 virus:

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1. Wear a 2 -layer mask

This method is the main application in preventing the transmission of the corona virus, namely by following government recommendations by wearing a 2-layer mask. Wearing a mask can also protect you from dust, dirt that is inhaled in your breath.

2. Always bring hand sanitizer

The second step that you must prepare is to always carry a hand sanitizer wherever you travel. This will ensure that your hands are always kept clean. If your hands touch an unknown object and it doesn’t even belong to you, then you can use a hand sanitizer to kill germs that stick to your hands.

3. Use clean gloves

It’s a good idea when traveling to use gloves to protect your hands from touching directly on objects that are contaminated with germs. Be sure to wear clean gloves to ensure that your hygiene pattern is maintained. The virus will spread and reach a place that is not kept clean.

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