6 Super Air Jet Facts, Owners to Millennial-style Uniforms

KOMPAS.com – Super Air Jet is a private airline with affordable fares based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Launching from the official page Super Air JetMonday (20/6/2022), the airline offers basic tickets to consumers who want to make short and medium-haul flights.

As a new airline that will start operating in 2021, surely many people are curious about information about Super Air Jet, from its owner to its cabin crew uniforms which seem simple.

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Therefore, Kompas.com will present a number of interesting facts related to Super Air Jet airline that needs to be known.

1. Capital from domestic non -foreign countries

The President Director (Chief Executive Officer) of Super Air Jet, Ari Azhari explained that this local airline, which was established on March 21, 2021, 100 percent of its capital comes from within the country, as quoted from Kompas.com (5/3/2021).

“Super Air Jet is a new private airline for the daily scheduled passenger transportation service category originating from Indonesia and wholly owned by local (domestic) people,” said Ari in an official statement, Monday (3/5/2021).

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So, it can be concluded that this Super Air Jet really does not receive an injection of capital from abroad or foreign.

2. The figure behind Super Air Jet

The establishment of Super Air Jet, which only utilizes domestic capital, makes people speculate that the people behind this airline are people from the Lion Group.

This speculation was born, partly because of the figure of Ari Azhari, who once held an important position at Lion Air, as General Manager of Service for Lion Group.

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Many also link that the boss of Lion Air, namely Air Rusdi Kirana, was the one who founded and became Super Air Jet owner.

3. Super Air Jet is separate from Lion Air

Although there are many rumors regarding the owner of this new airline being Air Rusdi Kirana, it turns out that Super Air Jet is not part of a subsidiary of the Lion Group.

KOMPAS.com/YOHANA ARTHA ULY Display of Super Air Jet, a new airline with a low cost carrier (LCC) concept targeting millennials.

Lion Air’s Corporate Communications Strategic Danang Mandala Prihantoro revealed to Kompas.com via text message that Super Air Jet is different and separate from Lion Group.

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However, when asked about Rusdi Kirana as an investor, Danang did not give an answer.

4. Rusdi Kirana is suspected of injecting nearly IDR 1 trillion in funds

Based on the information quoted from Kompas.com (26/5/2021) Super Air Jet and charter airline Flyindo Aviasi Nusantara (FAN) reportedly received an injection of funds from the owner of the Lion Air Group.

Unmitigated, the injection of funds given reached 67.8 million US dollars or Rp. 968 billion.

It is known that the billions of funds were transferred through Lion Mentari’s account at Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and the transaction occurred on February 2, 2021.

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In carrying out the transfer of funds, there were two transactions, the first of which was Rp. 518 billion paid to Super Air Jet and Rp. 450 billion to FAN.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly why Lion Group transferred the funds to Super Air Jet and FAN.

5. Target Market for Super Air Jet

Kompas.com (4/5/2021) reported that according to Ari, Super Air Jet airline targeting young people or millennials to spread their wings in the aviation business.

“Super Air Jet was founded on the basis of optimism that market opportunities, especially the needs of domestic flights, still exist and are wide open. There is a very strong demand from the public for air travel at this time, especially millennials,” he explained in an official statement, Monday (3/5/2021).

Super Air Jet flight attendant style.while. Super Air Jet Super Air Jet flight attendant style.

All of that has been calculated in accordance with the geographical conditions of Indonesia as an archipelagic country.

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As an archipelagic country, of course, its people need transportation facilities that support good mobility of people and goods, so that between regions can be connected to each other.

6. Super Air Jet Uniform

Different from most airlines that choose brightly colored uniforms for their crew, Super Air Jet prefers natural colors.

Khaki is the color chosen by Super Air Jet for the uniform of the Super Crew, including the flight attendants.

Not randomly choosing colors, Ari explained that there is a special philosophy why Super Air Jet chooses colors khaki.

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“This philosophy comes from the color of the soil and the derivatives of the skin color of Asians, which are mostly found in Indonesia and several other countries,” said Ari, quoted from Kompas.com (6/8/2021).

His party considered that the use of earth colors (gradations between brown and white) as a characteristic when worn together with the Super Crew uniform, looks natural (calm), warm, calming, friendly, energetic, and full of joy.

In addition, casual clothing designs (casual) was chosen to describe the clothes of millennials that look comfortable and suitable for use in any activity.

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