6 things you should know about the biggest shopping day in the world

The Singles Day is the biggest shopping event in the world. In less than a decade, Alibaba Group transformed an extravagant celebration for young single adults in China into a major global event that involved thousands of retailers and hundreds of millions of buyers of all ages. It has been extended to other e-commerce operators and will include more physical stores than ever before this year. The great stranger of this year is how far the trade war between the United States and China will reduce sales.

When November 11 is written numerically, 11/11, the four figures evoke "naked branches", the Chinese expression for the unrelated. On Chinese university campuses in the '90s, 11/11 became one celebration of being single in a culture that emphasizes relationships it has been an 'antidote & # 39; for Valentine's Day. The growing middle class of the country has turned this phenomenon into a phenomenon.

When he started to build the company, Alibaba's billionaire co-founder, Jack Ma became interested in the idea of ​​centering a shopping promotion around a party, Inspired by the tradition of the mega-discos of "Black Friday" in the United States. He chose November 11th from 2009. Initially, his company's marketing has encouraged consumers to do so pamper yourself to celebrate that you were single. But the day has never been limited to the suns, and is aimed at all demographic groups. But, which never escapes from the stage, it will be 2018 as president of Alibaba for the last time, because on January 1, 2019 he will hand over the reins to his dolphin: Daniel Zhang.

Although Alibaba was the first to link the Day of Bachelors to consumerism, many rivals joined. JD.com makes promotions such as Vipshop and a number of other e-commerce companies. Amazon.com, a small player in China, started its business First day in 2015 in the United States to increase a similar shopping frenzy. A fundamental difference between Alibaba and Amazon is that the Chinese company is a digital property for merchants and consumers to find one another, while the empire founded by Jeff Bezos You have a lot of your inventory to sell.

While China dominates sales, Alibaba is trying to make it more global. This means involving foreign brands in selling to the Chinese. He is also working on promote your websites in English, as the Alibaba.com wholesale sales platform. The 2018 edition will once again involve AliExpress, which targets consumers abroad, and Lazada, its business in Southeast Asia.

In 24 hours, it sells more than double the five days of unbridled shopping in the US that begins Thanksgiving and extends to "Black Friday" and ends the "Cyber ​​Monday". Each year has exceeded the previous one, with an increase in sales last year of 39% to 168.2 billion yuan (24.2 billion dollars). This is on par with the gross domestic product of some small European nations. Most purchases are made in Taobao and Tmall, the main shopping sites of Alibaba.

It remains to be seen whether higher tariffs, resulting from the commercial tensions with the United States, will reduce the enthusiasm of consumers. On the other hand, Alibaba has significantly enhanced the physical element of Day of the Singles, accelerating investments in shopping centers, stores and delivery services, in what defines its "new retail" initiative ". Alibaba predicts that 2018 will be the biggest single in history.5

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