666. Audi with “satanic” numbers smashed cars, the chase of the suspects united the whole yard

Criminal events strengthen and harden communities. This seemingly paradoxical principle has proven itself once again in Vilnius, in the Baltupiai district, where dozens of residents of one yard had to exchange a peaceful rest after a working day, one Wednesday evening, for a communal investigation of a dangerous crime.

One neighbor saw the Audi speeding madly towards the sleepy Baltupiai district from the city center.

A hastily discarded black Audi car with a combination of six called Satan’s number on the license plate stood in the cul-de-sac of the yard. The smashed front sizzled – steam was pouring out of the punctured radiator. A group of residents tried to catch their breath from jogging around the yards and heated conversations on the phone, rushing to share relevant information. Several crews of Vilnius police officers immediately rushed to this yard.

The policemen’s work was facilitated by the data baggage already accumulated by the witnesses.

Someone saw the Audi flying madly towards the sleepy Baltupiai district from the city center.

Someone recorded that the black car “as if during a drift competition”, sliding sideways, dived from the street into the yard.

The guy who was almost run over by this Audi in the yard was not silent either.

That same night, police received a call from a man who said he was driving an Audi and wanted to surrender.

There were also signs of fugitive suspects who could have indicated to the authorities.
One resident of Vilnius said that he knew where the working camera was, which had definitely filmed at least one episode from the “adventures” of the Audi crew.

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15min photo/At the scene: smashed and abandoned Audi A6

The work of law enforcement was accelerated by the fact that the residents not only showed the parked cars damaged in the accident, but also took care to invite the owners of those vehicles.

15min the story includes the criminally dangerous Audi A6 flight through the city, the consequences of a mass accident caused in the yard and the community’s contribution to the criminal investigation. By the way, on the same night, the police received a call from a man who stated that he was driving an Audi and now wanted to surrender. Did the officials believe him?

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