69 exhibitions and auctions, more than 60 exhibition halls, 100 art, video, and cultural consumption seasons invite citizens to “immerse” in the capital city of art|Beijing|Expo_Sina News

Source: Beijing Daily

Original title: 69 exhibitions and auctions, more than 60 exhibition halls, 100 art, video, and cultural consumption seasons invite citizens to “immerse” in the capital of art

On October 15, the 9th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season launched the “Art Capital” Immersion Theme Week. Senior art professionals and event brands jointly released the “Art Capital: An Unmissable Art Consumption Guide”. The guide presents 69 art exhibitions, art fairs, art auctions, and more than 60 art exhibition halls and cultural park blocks and 100 Articles of art images provide a reference for citizens to experience the charm of Beijing’s art in a multi-dimensional and panoramic manner.

As Beijing accelerates the pace of building an international consumption center city, the consumer market is recovering rapidly, new art formats and scenes are constantly upgraded, and art consumption is becoming more diverse and rich. This autumn, Beijing is welcoming a peak in the holding of art exhibitions and expositions. The National Agricultural Exhibition Hall, where the opening event of the “Art Capital” is held, is currently hosting the “Beijing Contemporary Art Fair 2021”.

The newly released art consumption guide was compiled by Bao Dong, the art director of Contemporary Art Fair. The guide classifies and recommends recent art exhibitions, expositions and art auctions held in Beijing with five themes: “Walking in 798”, exploring new things outside the city, visiting ancient times in the city, picking up treasures in the west of Beijing, and passing on art. Citizens can follow the official account of the 9th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season and the mini program of the same name to obtain this guide.

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The “Art Capital” theme week is launched with “immersion” as its core feature, focusing on new artistic scenes such as digital art exhibitions, immersive performances, and immersive scripts. An immersive art observation group composed of senior practitioners in the fields of artists, curators, auction institutions, urban design, light and shadow imaging, etc., commented on a number of new art scenes on October 15. Such as participating in the “All Things Symbiosis-Blue” outdoor light and shadow art exhibition in the cultural consumption season, Liu Cixin’s science fiction comic universe immersion exhibition, Van Gogh’s reproduction-immersive light and shadow exhibition, etc., the use of digital and light and shadow applications of science and technology is very popular. Formed a number of online celebrity check-in locations.

According to Pei Weiyi, creative director of RE Rui International Creative Museum, the exhibition “More Than Steel” to be held in Shougang Park in 2021 uses light and shadow show technology to allow viewers to experience a journey through time. “Time is impossible to go back to the past, history cannot be restored, but light and shadow technology has helped us to cross time, have close contact with history, and listen to the stories of time.” It is being held in the Optical Science and Technology Museum of Haidian District. “Lights and Colors-Exhibition of Treasures of Palace Lamps in the Palace Museum” not only uses photoelectric technology, but also cooperates with immersive performances. Wang Yan, deputy curator of the Optical Science and Technology Museum, introduced: “Under this new scene design, the lamps seem to have life, and the stories they witness seem to happen to us, and there is no distance between us and history.” (Li Yang)

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