7 Apple products coming in the second half of 2022

We are now halfway through 2022. It is high time to take a look at what Apple has planned for this year. iPhoned tells you in this overview which 7 Apple products will appear in the second half of 2022.

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Overview: 7 Apple products to be released in 2022

We are already halfway through the year, but Apple still has quite a bit in store for the rest of 2022. In this overview you will find all Apple products that will be released in the second half of 2022.

1. iPhone 14: the smartphone of the year

The stunner of this year will be the iPhone 14. Apple plans to release four new iPhones this year (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro in iPhone 14 Pro Max).

As you can see, we probably won’t get an iPhone 14 mini anymore. An iPhone 14 Max is coming instead. Like the largest Pro model, this one has a 6.7-inch screen.

With the regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, Apple does not seem to be working on the design much. The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are being taken care of and get some new parts. The notch will disappear and the (Max) will have two recesses.

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2. MacBook Air M2: coming soon

At WWDC, Apple announced the MacBook Air with M2. According to the latest rumors, the MacBook Air 2022 will be released on July 15.

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Of MacBook Air 2022 has an M2 and a new design. He even looks a bit like the MacBook Pro 2021† MagSafe is back and the MacBook Air M2 has been given a notch (the notch in the screen).

The ear also wants something, of course, and the MacBook Air 2022 now has four speakers with support for Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio. The laptop also got a better camera (1080p).

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3. iPad Pro: Update for the largest iPad

Do you like large iPads? Then there is an interesting iPad release this year. Last year, Apple put an M1 chip in the iPad Pro 2021 and probably the iPad Pro 2022 get an M2 chip.

iPad Pro

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is going to tinker with the design of the iPad Pro 2022 this year. For example, the expectations are that the iPad Pro 2022 will get a glass back or glass logo to make wireless charging possible.

With the iPad Pro 2022 it is therefore possible to charge your iPad with MagSafe. In addition, the battery life will probably also improve. Furthermore, Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young say the smaller version of the iPad Pro will still get an LCD screen to keep costs down.

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4. Apple Watch Series 8: three new smartwatches

The Apple Watch is also due for an update this year. Apple has no fewer than three Apple Watch models in store. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 8, there will be a budget-friendly Apple Watch SE and a sturdier model with a robust housing, aimed at extreme sports practitioners.

According to several rumors, the design will really change this time and the Apple Watch Series 8 will have a flat screen. Furthermore, Apple experts Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman say that the Apple Watch Series 8 soon be able to measure body temperature.

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Apple watch series 8

It is striking that Mark Gurman says that the S8 chip of the Apple Watch Series 8 has the same specifications as the previous one (the S7 chip). That means the Apple Watch Series 8 actually gets the same chip as the one in the Apple Watch Series 6because it also has the S7 chip.

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5. AirPods Pro 2: the noise canceling earbuds

It was expected that the AirPods Pro 2 would get a new design without stems, but according to the latest rumors it doesn’t seem like that anymore. The AirPods Pro 2 will probably keep it old design† They look a lot like the first Pros and the new ones according to leaked images AirPods 3.

Of AirPods Pro 2 get a more energy-efficient H1 chip that should ensure a longer battery life and improved active noise cancellation. The case would also contain a speaker. Via the Find Myapp you can then play a sound so that you can easily find a lost charging case. According to some rumors, the box even has a microphone on the side to pick up the sound and then let it be amplified on the earbuds themselves.

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6. AirPods Max 2: the best on-ear headphones

Not much is known about the new AirPods Max 2. In any case, there is a good chance that they will receive support for high quality lossless audio (without loss of quality). There will also be new colors and there is a chance that an affordable ‘sports model’ will come.

apple products overview 2022: AirPods Max 2

In addition, there are rumors that the AirPods Max 2 will get ear detection for your left and right ear. This means you don’t have to check the left or right side of the headphones every time before putting them on.

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7. Mac Pro: The fastest Mac ever

It has been a while (2019) that the Mac Pro received an update. Most likely the Mac Pro get a much faster Apple Silicon chip. Apple has promised that by 2022 all Macs with an M processor will be available.

We think the Mac Pro is an excellent opportunity for an M2 ultra or something similar. After all, the Mac Studio already has an M1 Ultra on board (which actually consists of a double M1 Max). However, nothing is known about the design yet. The Mac Pro will probably come in a large cabinet again, but it will be a bit smaller than the previous version.

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Just out of the product overview of 2022

According to various rumors, Apple also planned to launch the VR/AR headset in 2022. Unfortunately, it seems that the VR/AR glasses postponed to 2023† There are some problems with the development process and there are complications with the cameras and the software.

Apple vr-headset

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