7 Giant Snakes That Humans Have Seen and Considered Demons


Nabau is a mythological snake in Kalimantan that once shocked the world and science. PHOTO/ THE GUARDIAN

SAMARINDA – Whereabouts news giant snake the fact is not just a lie. Because the large snake has never been seen by humans and is considered a Demon snake by the natives of the area.

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One of the largest types of snakes in the world that humans often encounter until now is the green anaconda snake and the python. In addition, there are many more giant snakes that have ever lived on earth and are considered stealth, such as the list of snakes below.

1. Ular Good

People in the city of Guping, Jiangxi Province, China were shocked by the appearance of a giant Boa Snake measuring 16.7 meters and weighing 308 kg. The snake, which is estimated to be 140 years old, was discovered by forest officials in China while clearing the forest using a bolduzer. They accidentally hit one of the largest snakes in the world to death.

2. Green Anaconda

Above is a photo of the Green Anaconda snake distributed by the local newspaper A Provincia do Para. The snake, which was found in the Rio Abuna River in the state of Acre, Brazil, is thought to have a length of 15 meters and a weight of up to 500 kg and a diameter of up to 1 meter.

Although this size is one of the largest snake sizes in the world ever recorded, local people believe there are other larger specimens.

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The Green Anaconda Snake (Eunectes murinus) is a species of giant boa that is widely distributed in the tropical areas of the Amazon Forest, South America. This snake is one of the largest snakes in the world that humans have ever seen.

3. They are Nabau

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