7 injured during filming in California: the shooter tried to resist the sheriff

The police in Ventura County (California) reported that they fired massively on the evening of 7 November at a Borderline Grill & Bar in Thousand Oaks, where a student party was held. To date, we know of 11 wounded. Among them, the local deputy sheriff. According to preliminary data, he and his colleagues arrived on the scene after the appeal and tried to confront the criminal. It is not yet known whether it was possible to neutralize this last one. Perhaps he managed to escape.

Currently, the area of ​​Murpark Road, where the bar is located, is bounded, reports The Los Angeles Times. The counter-terrorism unit of the FBI operates on the scene. According to the forces of order, the situation remains very unstable. Citizens are advised to leave the area of ​​special operation.

According to eyewitnesses, an unknown man approached the bar, where about 100 people were resting. He took out a gun and began firing randomly, and then continued shooting inside the institute. It is said to have fired about 30 shots.

At about 11.30, Aubrey Ryan, 27, was not far from the restaurant door, which had 15 of his friends. At that moment, a stranger broke into the bar and started shooting at the ceiling, shouting something. A friend pushed Ryan to an open team so he could escape. The fate of a friend is still unknown.

Another witness, who refused to give his name, said the terrorist had been in the bar for almost one hour – until half past midnight.

Borderline Bar specializes in country music, whose live concerts are held here almost every day. On the evening of 7 November, a college night party was organized for local college students and all those who wanted to attend the bar. The Pepperdine University Graphic student newspaper also reported that residents of the university campus were at the bar during a massive attack by a stranger.


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