7 Police Findings Related to Alleged Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo Suicide

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Police suspect Metro TV editor Yodi Prabowo died of suicide. Yodi’s body was found on the edge of the Pesanggrahan Toll Road, Jakarta, on Friday (7/10/2020) around 11:30 WIB.

Yodi was found face down near the wall while still wearing a helmet, jacket, shoes, and bag. Yodi’s motorbike was found by residents on Wednesday (8/7) in the morning at 02.00 WIB.

Director of the General Criminal Investigation (Dirkrimimum) of the Jakarta Jaya Police Chief, Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat, concluded that Yodi committed suicide based on a number of clues.

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“From a number of factors from several explanations, from the crime scene, from expert statements, from witness testimonies from the crime scene, from other statements and other evidence evidence, investigators to date have concluded that the person concerned is suspected of committing suicide,” Ade said. press conference at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Saturday (7/25/2020).

The following considerations by the police mention the alleged suicide as the cause of Yodi’s death:

1. Crime Scene Findings

The police found the facts at the scene that Yodi’s motorbike was parked neatly across the scene when Yodi’s body was found. At that time, Yodi’s motorcycle key still hung on the motorbike.

The motor was found to be in a smooth state and there were no blisters, Yodi’s belongings were also not lost, so dismissed the alleged death due to robbery.

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Police also did not find blood spots anywhere other than where Yodi was found dead. The police said, there was a slight discovery of blood splattered on the wall.

In addition blood spots were also found on Yodi’s knife, shirt, and jacket. Police also found hair around the location of Yodi’s body.

Another item found was a knife.

2. Yodi’s blood and fingerprints

The police said the results of the forensic laboratory examination showed that the blood spots that were found belonged to Yodi. Yodi’s fingerprints were also found on the knife.

Police have conducted fingerprint tests of people around Yodi to try to find evidence of fingerprints of alleged perpetrators of the killings.

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