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TELEMEDICINE or online medical consultation is a solution during this covid-19 pandemic. The reason is, this can minimize the risk of being exposed to disease outbreaks due to physical contact. Then it is also very practical because it can be done anywhere and anytime.

No wonder if telemedicine more and more people are interested. Even so, telemedicine cannot replace face-to-face consultations with doctors. However, telemedicine is a bridge for people to get access to quality and affordable health care.

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“Especially for patients with limited mobility due to their health conditions, the struggle of patients and caregivers to go to the clinic or hospital can be minimized,” said Dr. Roy Panusunan Sibarani SpPD-KEMD FES, a specialist in internal medicine (endocrine-metabolic-diabetes), in his statement, as quoted from KRJogja, Monday (27/9/2021).

He explained, generally telemedicine is done using chat and video call features. As a relatively new thing, education regarding the use of telemedicine is still needed. Therefore, Dr. Roy shared 7 tips to maximize online doctor consultations through the video call feature.

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1. Prepare questions and latest lab test results. Preparation of questions is important in order to obtain complete data on the required information.

2. State the purpose of the meeting and the complaint in detail. Example: “Doc, when I ate this morning I threw up.” Try to explain the complaint to the main problem and not spread it anywhere.

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3. Elderly patients should be accompanied by younger family members. In order to remain efficient and not cause distraction, the patient only needs to be accompanied by one person.

4. The patient should be in a room that can move freely, for example, can raise hands, feet, and so on. The camera must be able to monitor this (phone cameras are recommended because they can be more mobile than laptop cameras).

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5. Also prepare medicines that have been and are being consumed so that the doctor will see the medicine firsthand. This is so that the doctor can determine what drugs to take next.

6. Just like face-to-face consultations in hospitals in general, telemedicine via video calls also has time constraints. In order to maximize it, patients are expected to focus on the symptoms and complaints they feel when doing telemedicine.

7. Ask the doctor to summarize the examination during telemedicine that day.

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