70 dogs caged in Providencia

A man was found guilty in the Eighth Court of Guarantee of Santiago for animal abuse reiterated. The subject had 70 caged dogs, three cats, and seven birds. All the animals were in a situation of abandonment, with injuries, lack of food and extreme overcrowding. As indicated by the prosecutor of the East Prosecutor’s Office Álvaro Pérez, requested an effective prison sentence of 4 years and a fine of 30 UTM.

The man found guilty is Claudio Parra Hidalgo. On the night of July 5, 2019, due to “the strong stench that was smelled on the public thoroughfare, in Abelardo Pizarro street, Providencia commune,” Carabineros, Firefighters and municipal personnel from Providencia arrived at the subject’s house. They believed they were going to find a corpse. But it was not like that.

In the place the authorities determined that the condemned man “kept seventy canines, three felines and seven birds.” Most of the dogs were locked in cages, with feces and urine. Dogs and cats were kept in overcrowded conditions, extreme unsanitary conditions, no water to drink, no food, and untreated injuries.

Among the animals were Quiltro, Puddle, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Yorkshire, English Bulldog, American Bulldog, Pug, and Persian-type felines. The verdict concluded that “regarding the participation of the accused,

it proved its immediate and direct authorship ”.


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