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In a press release today, 777 announced that they have signed former Wizard player, Alex “PALM1” Palm. In the past year, Swedish Palm has been part of the Wizard team, which this autumn shocked everyone by knocking out the pre-favorite Skade X in the semi-finals and thereby securing a final place in the Telialiga play-offs.

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Good results with «PALM1»

777 chose to part ways with Haris “H4RR3” Hadzic earlier this month. Sports director Tommy Monsen then told Gamer.no that the organization had clear frameworks they had to follow.

– We are not in a position where we can bring in anyone, for anything.

Individually under the 777 banner, the Swede has delivered a green meadow of achievements.

Screenshot: HLTV.org

Since then, the organization has used Palm in its official matches, which has brought immediate success. The team participated in CCT’s qualification for CCT North Europe Series 2, where the team had several strong performances and could finally celebrate a place in the main tournament. Although the team went winless in the main tournament, the team showed good pace in several of the matches.

With the signing of “PALM1”, 777 former AWP player Mikael “mikki” Gaup can return as a rifle player, which will probably benefit the team and free up more firepower for the green-robed.

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Pending changes

There were many before the spring season who had 777 as the resounding clear favorite as Norway’s best Counter-Strike team after they had brought home the autumn season’s Telialigaetrophy and reinforced the team with Preben “Trax” Martinsen and Steffen “SLY” Amundsen.

Securing what many believe is the domestic league’s best player is hard to argue against, but as a team 777 have struggled both internationally and in the domestic series. The play-off place was not secured until the last series round of the Telialigaen, and the team had to watch Skade X go through the series undefeated. It didn’t get any better when Apeks’ talent venture, from which both Martinsen and Amundsen came, beat 777 out of the semi-finals and later won the final itself in Telialigae.

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Delivered too well to be ignored

777 has had good experiences with some team changes in the past, and after Haris “H4RR3” Hadzic had to leave the organization, there was great excitement about who they wanted to pick up, and whether there will be more news from the 777 camp.

Palm has individually delivered too well for 777 not to sign him on a permanent basis, and there is still a little uncertainty before Christmas whether the green-clad will make more changes than just bringing in the Swedish AWP star.

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