798 Fashion Art Market: 80 booths are all creative and fashionable

798 Fashion Art Market: 80 booths are all creative and fashionable

2021-10-03 09:57:45Source: Beijing Youth Daily

798 Art Market

Eighty booths are all creative and trendy people, the market is full of youth

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Hi site location: 798 Art Center Plaza

Best time to visit: 11:00 to 21:00 daily

Folding fans in handwriting are trendy, old books have many ancient rhymes, and cats are used to admire cute pets on the spot… During the National Day Golden Week, the third 798 Art Market was held in 798 Art Square. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that the market is open from 11 to 21 o’clock every day. Fashionable superbuyers, wonderful brain managers, and dream-seeking artists gather here. Four special areas such as Boundless Art, Inspiration Surfing, Goods Collection, and Food List have gathered more than 80 stalls, becoming the “Hi Shopping” for tourists. Great place.

After walking around, you can find that the huge market is full of youthful “originality”. At the entrance to the southeast corner, a small shop called “Shifang Motang” attracted many young people to watch. There are traditional paper fans of different sizes, cat-shaped group fans, and small bamboo pendants. The handwritten brush characters give the “soul” to each handicraft. These brush writings include not only “Changle”, “Auspicious” and “囍”, which symbolize beautiful meanings, as well as “not listening”, “inward scrolling”, and “happiness” that express their individuality, which are deeply loved by young people. According to the post-80s shopkeeper of “Shifang Motang”, her brother is a calligrapher, and the brush writing on every item in the store is his brother’s “calligraphy”.

At the stalls at the other end of the market, young literary and artistic youths can also find things they like: “The Collected Works of Lu Xun”, “Reminiscence of Napoleon”, “German Poems”, “Foreign Literature and Art”, “The Third Wave” published in the 1980s and 1990s… …Opening an old book, the yellowed pages and old-style printed fonts all exude the breath of time. “It’s time for the cat to be vaccinated” “It’s time for the cat to cut its nails”… At the “Chong Nian Nian” booth of the cute pet life platform, an app has attracted many pet lovers. This app can record and share the growth process of pets. At the same time, pet owners are reminded to take care of them in time.

Trendy and fun gather, making 798 Art City a popular place for young people to check in. There are many objects in the market that can arouse everyone’s curiosity: the independent handmade design candles brought by Mysigt exudes Nordic simplicity; in the ATM Trendy Museum, the IP blind box series, trendy toys, and art derivatives are online. , The variety of categories, let the “fashion people” linger; in the “Lin” shop, more than 40 uniquely numbered artists’ joint limited edition T-shirts went out for the first time; the designer Shi Yao from Shenzhen brought handcrafts 2000 kilometers away. Micro-sculpting is very futuristic; the independent illustrator Yiyi brings a limited number of micro-jet paintings, brooches, stickers, patch embroidery and other individual trend art items, which can make the audience feel the wonderful brain…

In order to attract the attention of young people, in addition to the “sense of originality”, of course, interactivity is also indispensable. The artistic lifestyle brand AICHIAILE presents a vibrant attitude towards life through paintings, sculptures, dolls, and life products. The audience can communicate with the artists on the spot for creative inspiration; Mo Shanqiu brings original Chinese calligraphy and customizes a unique setting for the audience. , Tuan Fan; A fresh and pleasant Mengxiang Paradise. The host will create a 5-minute artistic portrait for the audience on the spot. It is especially suitable for children to leave a special memorial here.

Other scenes

Walk into the “Van Gogh’s Colorful World” and experience the “Sunflower” swaying in the wind

The “Van Gogh Never Seen” art interactive exhibition held at the HANMO Art Center uses VR technology and AR motion recognition technology to make the exhibition area full of immersive interaction. The audience can have a cross-century soul dialogue with Van Gogh and his works.

The exhibition is divided into three areas: interactive work area, giant immersion area, and aesthetic education classroom area. The first thing the audience can see is the interactive area of ​​the works, which is “pulled into” Van Gogh’s colorful world as soon as they enter. The organizer has turned Van Gogh’s Starry Night series into the focal point of interaction in this area. Just touch the screen and fireworks will bloom in the starry sky. Stepping into “Starry Sky”, the body of the audience will appear in the painting and can change to different colors.

Coming to the huge immersion area, the selected 100 Van Gogh works use cutting-edge technology and add wind swaying effects and deepen the sense of space to make the paintings come alive. The “Sunflower” swaying in the wind makes people feel bright and strong vitality. Different versions of Van Gogh’s self-portraits use new technology to allow the protagonist to turn his head and blink, as if he is “talking” with the audience.

The Aesthetic Education Classroom is a good place for parent-child interaction, where the audience can draw their own imaginations about the starry sky. It is worth mentioning that the audience’s works can also be projected into the interstellar space through technology and blended into the painting.

The giant “triceratops” is tall, mighty, and the subtle “sea gravel” is gorgeous and colorful

3 pieces of dinosaur skeletons from the Cretaceous period, more than 50 pieces of ancient amber and paleontological fossils, more than 1,500 pieces of black water photography, museum paintings, and shell collections… “Haeckel, Cretaceous” held at IOMA Art Center At the Natural Science and Art Exhibition of “With Japanese Melon”, more than 10 well-known domestic and foreign artists brought people into the world of natural history with their exquisite works. Coming here seems to have traveled through time. You can learn about science from the perspective of art, learn knowledge of paleontology, and explore the beauty of nature.

An ancient zoo was built in the nearly 500 square meters of exhibition hall 1, and an 8-meter-long skeleton model of a giant triceratops stood facing him, which was tall and mighty. More than 50 kinds of amber objects are displayed in the stump-shaped booth with full sense of design. On the walls around the exhibition hall, the paintings of Eastern and Western museums blend and collide here: Roses, lilies, and primroses painted by Belgian flower painter Pierre Joseph Redoud, and Meconopsis single-leaf painted by Walter Hood Fitch , Yunnan Tibetan magnolia, insects drawn by Japanese Ukiyo-e master Kitagawa Uta…

In the exhibition hall on the second floor, a theme display of “opposite the macro-there is also the universe in the gravel” shows the mysteries of the micro world: crystal fragments, shell fragments, igneous rock mineral fragments, plant remains, foraminifera, Quartz minerals…After being magnified countless times, sea sand with a diameter of less than a millimeter has turned into a colorful work of art, recreating the beauty that has been neglected by people.

In addition, in the exhibition, you can also see a variety of snowflake crystal forms, more than 1,000 kinds of rare shells, and “invisible animals” hidden in the environment… From the macro to the micro, science and art perfectly collide here, leading the audience to set foot on it. A different journey to re-recognize nature and the world.

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