8 Activities That Can Increase The Hormone ‘Happy’ Endorphin

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – When it comes to happy hormones, usually endorphins are the ones that are most often mentioned.

Yes, many people already know that endorphins are chemical compounds produced by the body to help us deal with pain and stress while building positive feelings.

However, not many know that the production of endorphins can actually be increased by some small things and activities that we usually do every day.

So, what are those little things and activities?

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Check out his presentation as quoted from Real Simple, below.

1. Exercising

Moment exercising, especially aerobic exercise, the body will get a burst of endorphins.

This short-lived state of euphoria will occur after intense physical exercise that causes the body to undergo a number of changes.

As breathing becomes heavier, the pulse becomes faster and causes the heart to pump harder, moving oxygenated blood to the muscles and brain.

“It’s no secret that exercising, especially strength training, will release endorphins,” says strength and fitness specialist Seth Forman.

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