8 advantages of getting the best photo with Galaxy S10


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Thursday, March 14, 2019


The Samsung Galaxy S series is extraordinarily elegant, the biggest change in design for the Galaxy S series in recent years, and features many advanced features.

The series includes some of the new features of the camera, including the ability to zoom out before taking a picture with just a few clicks, and can take wide-angle shots and more.

8 tips to take advantage of the Galaxy S10 camera and get the best shots possible.

1 – take pictures with a wide angle

The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are equipped with a rear-view camera that allows users to take very high-resolution images at a 123-degree angle seen from the human eye and also offers the possibility of taking larger panoramic shots . Very large, an incredibly useful feature in some photography situations.

To switch to the new camera, open the phone's camera and from the icons that appear, tap the three-icon icon at the top of the shutter button and the shooting modes.

If you have the Galaxy S10 Plus, you can switch to the front camera and turn on the camera, which acts like a super-wide camera by clicking on the icon with the icon of two people.

2- Scene scene enhancer improved

By activating the Scene Optimizer function, the Galaxy S10 can capture brighter images in dark environments or double the scanning power of documents, helping to automatically improve the quality of those images. To enable this feature, you can follow these steps:

– Go to the video camera
– Click on the Settings icon
– Click Scene Optimizer, then click the button next to one of the options you want to use, then go back to the camera and take pictures as you normally would.

3. Suggestions for the shots

The Galaxy S10 camera can offer the best way to take pictures, but you must first manually activate the Shooting Tips feature.

When you decide to take a picture, the motion function of the shot will determine which image to capture: a white circle and a white sphere will appear on the camera lens, drag the ball into the circle, wait a few seconds and the camera will automatically capture the image. Image when it seems to be the best.

To activate the Shooting Tips feature, click the settings icon in the camera lens, then press the switch button next to the Hint option on Yes to turn blue.

4. Other effects with Live Focus mode

The Galaxy S10 camera is able to capture portrait images by adding blur effects to isolate the background from the shot or add the bokeh effect. Furthermore, you can now adjust the type and intensity of the effect applied to the background of the shot.

When switching to Live Focus mode, you will notice new options plus a scroll bar just above the shutter button. You can apply and preview effects before taking the picture, and if you change your mind after taking the picture, don't worry, you can change it in the image application and choose a different effect.

5. Adjust the available camera settings

At the top of the shutter button, you'll find a series of shooting modes to choose from, such as photos, videos, live focus or super slow-motion. You can change modes by scrolling left or right through different options.

But if you think the options menu is long, you can remove the shooting modes you don't use by following these steps:

– Select the settings icon in the camera lens
– Scroll down until you reach the Camera mode option and press
– Deselect the settings you don't want, and you can also reorganize the different modes according to your preferences

Capture GIF images directly

Instead of having to capture and edit a video clip through the Gallery or an external application for GIF animations, you can activate Create a GIF to capture and create a GIF by pressing the shutter button.

Go to Camera Settings, then press the Suspend Camera button to select Create GIF and the phone will take more snapshots and merge them directly into a single animated image.

7. Bixby Vision advantage

Along the top of the camera, you'll notice some text, like "Bixby Vision", in which the Galaxy S10 uses this feature to try to identify surrounding objects in the real world and give you more information about the item or links to buy .

8. Emoji AR function

Next to Bixby Vision you will find an option for AR Emoji, which allows you to convert your images into cartoon characters by taking a picture and allowing the phone to create a moving character that should look like you, and you can customize and change AR Emoji as you wish.



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