8 Kitchen Spices That Can Reduce Sugar Addiction, Number 7 Can Increase Good Bacteria


JAKARTA Herbs or herbs and spices which is commonly used for cooking turns out to have a content of health benefits. Including reducing sugar addiction that can cause diabetes.

If you realize that life is ‘dependent’ on sweet foods, then you need a way to reduce that desire.

According to Hindustantimes, sugar can have the same effect on the brain as an addictive drug and if you remove sugar from your diet suddenly, it can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, bad moods, and cramps.

“Refined sugar increases the risk of inflammation, cancer, gut microbiome and dysregulation, obesity, diabetes, and accelerates cellular aging! Refined sugar also acts on the same circuits in the brain that are exposed to many illicit drugs,” said Kanchan Koya, a biomedical from Harvard University. , Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition quoted from Hindustantimes, on Monday (22/11/2021).

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When enjoying sweet foods, blood sugar levels increase, triggering the release of insulin in the body to lower it. From insulin-releasing activity, your blood sugar levels may drop lower than needed and your body ends up wanting more sugary foods.

This is the reason why eating at times that do not make a person want unhealthy and sweet foods because the body experiences a decrease in blood sugar levels. Eating healthy foods and at the right distance helps regulate blood sugar levels.

In order to reduce the desire for sugar consumption to a healthier level, you can use herbs or spices that have anti-inflammatory and insulin-regulating effects.

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“The anti-inflammatory properties of earth-grown foods can help restore insulin sensitivity and allow brain biochemistry to shift so that satiety hormones like leptin work properly.”


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