8 Most Haunted Mountains in the World, There is 1 in Malaysia, Indonesia?

Friday, July 1 2022 – 02:58 WIB

VIVA LifestyleMountain most hauntedit is undeniable that we are world This is sharing a place with an invisible being, because of the difference in dimensions we don’t see the creature’s form, but the creature can see us, because our dimension is below the dimension they live in.

Usually, old folklore traditions are at the root of ghost stories from Mount. For example, the Appalachians believe that the oldest tree in the mountain valley is haunted and that fissures and bursts of fire are demons snapping their fingers, all signaling a bad omen.

Some of these mountains even keep so many mysteries that they are called haunted mountains, so curious about what is included in the ranks of the most haunted mountains in the world? Let’s see the list below.

1. Mount Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus on Planet Mars

Greek mythology states that the abode of the gods is on Mount Olympus, this is clearly stated so that Mount Olympus is considered sacred or sacred to this day.

Public Locals also claim to have seen flashing lighting, storm clouds, and terrifying noises emanating from Mount Olympus. According to them, it is believed to be the event of the Gods ascending to the stars.

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